Almost Three: My growing up girl

In just two short months my sweet girl will be three. Three. As in 36 months, 1095 days, 94608000 seconds. You know your baby isn’t a baby anymore when you refer to their age in years, as opposed to months.

All of this is bittersweet for me. I was always so worried about forgetting a moment that I documented everything. I photographed everything. My brothers joked that Evie never saw my face, only my camera. But I’m grateful now for all of those photos because the moments themselves are fleeting. I don’t think I would remember that at three months she tried the jenny jumper and at nine months she waved at herself in the mirror. I wouldn’t remember that at 16 months she loved rolling in the dog bed and at 20 months she started shouting “the end” after we read a book.

I am, at my very core, a keeper of memories. I love the little details of life. I love seeing what makes my child tick.

It isn’t always sunshine and unicorns in our house. We have bad days. Sometimes, we have bad weeks. But I CHOOSE to remember all of these wonderful moments. There is no sense in wasting any of the space in my brain on challenging, sad or hurtful moments. So, I savor my child because for now, she enjoys me and still thinks I’m cool and can sing!

Here are a few month by month images, showing how very grown up she is.  Photo credit for the 24th image: Masquerade Photos.

And here are some of my favorite images of the two of us together. The first trio of images (newborn, 3 month, 12 month) were done by Lisa Shafer Photography. The second set of images (5 month, 19 month, 24 month) were done by Jewell Juergensen of The Lovely Photo.  I can’t even explain how grateful I am to have these professional photos of me and Evie.   I’m usually the one taking the pictures but it’s so very important to be the subject every once in a while.

I leave you with this most recent picture of my girl.   Off to work on her pink fairy birthday party.   It’s the first birthday that she’s really planning herself and I can’t wait to see how much she enjoys it!



Little Man Music

Remember this beautiful Mom to be? She was my very first maternity client. The first person to have faith that I could make pregnancy chic. The client who started my LOVE AFFAIR with maternity photography.


Well, her little boy finally arrived and it’s safe to say he’s just beautiful. Perfect skin, a little wisp of blond hair, and these bright captivating eyes that were watching my every move. For being 17 days old, he slept like a champ once he got all settled in. It was such an amazing experience to watch his parents dote over him: carefully swaddling him, tenderly feeding him, looking deep into his eyes seeing the miracle they created.
I am one of those Moms who truly enjoys motherhood and all the stages it involves. I loved when Evie was an infant and slept on my chest. And then I loved when she was a baby, witnessing a slew of “firsts” as she explored her new world. Now that she’s a toddler, I love hearing about how she sees the world. What things mean to her. What she likes, and inevitably doesn’t like. Every phase of the journey has it’s own wonderful moments.
Watching my clients interact with their brand new babies is magical. It’s like being a fly on the wall during the most tender moments of parenthood. Here are some of my favorite images from our session, filled with love and the always coveted new baby smell. How awesome is the piano shot? The Dad works in the music industry and we’ve been planning that photo for months!



Love is in the air: Valentine’s Mini Sessions

Love.  Don’t you just love love?  I know I do.  I love sappy movies and cheesy music (Celine Dion is my favorite – I do not lie).  I have dreams of an airport reunion where I run towards my husband in slow motion and he spins me around while everyone watches.  But, I never travel without him so I’ll have to get my love fix through Valentine’s mini sessions.

My first client was my daughter’s future husband.   Don’t judge: a mother wants the best for her child and this kid is amazing.  Handsome, smart and funny!  And his parents rock.  Meet Ezra and check out his first kiss!blog1 blog2 blog3 blog5 blog6

After Ezra, I fell in love with a little sweetie named Caitlin. How could I not love those precious rolls and chubby cheeks?!! Gotta get my baby fix somewhere!


And then on Sunday, I got a triple scoop of triplet love. Check out these cuties! They were ON THE GO so I shot them separately. I bet their Momma loves getting 3x as many hugs and kisses!
trio template

So, I wish all of my followers a mushy lovey dovey kind of day! Who says you have to save all the love and affection for Valentine’s day? Here’s hoping you all get a giant smooch today!

My workshop with Julie Paisey Photography: How to become a killer photographer while remaining a true lady

So last weekend I had the HONOR of attending a Julie Paisley Photography workshop.  If you’re not familiar with Julie, she a Southern GODDESS who shoots in Florida.  Weddings are her specialty and her work is so dreamy and light…it’ll make ya SWOON big time!   About 5 months ago, I snagged a coveted seat at her DC workshop.  It was set for the end of October, but Hurricane Sandy intervened and we rescheduled for January.  Fast forward a few months and the date finally arrived.  I was a ball of anxiety but as soon as Julie wrapped me in one of her giant bear hugs, it all melted away.  I knew I was in for 2 days of intense learning and fun, driven by her sincere interest in the growth and success of my business.

The workshop was beyond phenomenal.  We had a lifestyle session (with none other than lifestyle photography genius DeAnna McCasland) and a mother/baby session.  Our family session got rained out (curse you weather gods!!!!) but it allowed us more time to focus on branding and customer relations.  I left the workshop feeling inspired and ready to tackle branding from a whole new perspective.  See…I’m ready for this business to be a true reflection of who I am.  I love Ralph Lauren and stripes, fall and Americana.  I love coffee, and impromptu dance sequences and being a stay at home Mom.  I LOVE FAMILY and being surrounded by pictures that remind me of amazing moments together.  And I want to channel all this love into my photography so you can experience it too.

If you are thinking of attending a JPP workshop, I encourage you to do it!  Whether you are a budding newbie or a seasoned veteran, there is something for everyone.  And the best part of all is learning from Julie.  See, three short years ago, Julie received an SLR as a gift.  She has built her remarkable business in three short years, while maintaining a level head, kind heart, and generous spirit.  She will love and support your business as if it was her own.  She is vested in your success.  She gave me the faith in myself that I was lacking and I’ll forever be grateful.  RUN, don’t walk, to your nearest computer and get in on one of her workshops.   Two seconds after meeting her, you’ll know exactly why I feel this way.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the workshop.   The lifestyle session was a new venture for me but I ended up really enjoying the end results.  They’re a little gritty and very real.  Julie said to look at lifestyle work like it tells a story.  And it truly does.  It’s also a reminder that you don’t always need to get all dressed up for pictures.  Be you.  Live your life and let me capture it how it really is.
lifestyle (5logo

lifestyle (9 of 27logo

lifestyle (12logo

lifestyle 15logo


As for the newborn session, that poor little baby only wanted her Momma.  And it’s obvious why.  Momma swooned over her life she was the best thing since sliced bread.  I love the emotion in these shots.





So, that’s all for now.  I’m feeling energized and refreshed.   Ready to move this thing forward.  Who’s coming along for the ride?

Maternity made chic

Jamie and her husband are close friends of my youngest brother. When I found out she was pregnant, I just knew I had to do her maternity session. See…when you’re pregnant, you don’t always feel beautiful. But let me tell you, Jamie glowed and I think these photos reflect how glamorous pregnancy can be. I designed a little maternity sash for her to wear because everyone looks best when they’re rockin some bling!

When I was about 30 weeks pregnant, I also had maternity photos taken. I’m so glad I did because once the baby arrives, you almost instantly forget what it was like to be pregnant. Every time I look at those photos, I remember that time and I hope these photos will do the same for Jamie. I’m not going to lie, pregnancy is hard but that end reward is so very sweet.

Jamie…you look phenomenal. Can’t wait to meet your little man!

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