My workshop with Julie Paisey Photography: How to become a killer photographer while remaining a true lady

So last weekend I had the HONOR of attending a Julie Paisley Photography workshop.  If you’re not familiar with Julie, she a Southern GODDESS who shoots in Florida.  Weddings are her specialty and her work is so dreamy and light…it’ll make ya SWOON big time!   About 5 months ago, I snagged a coveted seat at her DC workshop.  It was set for the end of October, but Hurricane Sandy intervened and we rescheduled for January.  Fast forward a few months and the date finally arrived.  I was a ball of anxiety but as soon as Julie wrapped me in one of her giant bear hugs, it all melted away.  I knew I was in for 2 days of intense learning and fun, driven by her sincere interest in the growth and success of my business.

The workshop was beyond phenomenal.  We had a lifestyle session (with none other than lifestyle photography genius DeAnna McCasland) and a mother/baby session.  Our family session got rained out (curse you weather gods!!!!) but it allowed us more time to focus on branding and customer relations.  I left the workshop feeling inspired and ready to tackle branding from a whole new perspective.  See…I’m ready for this business to be a true reflection of who I am.  I love Ralph Lauren and stripes, fall and Americana.  I love coffee, and impromptu dance sequences and being a stay at home Mom.  I LOVE FAMILY and being surrounded by pictures that remind me of amazing moments together.  And I want to channel all this love into my photography so you can experience it too.

If you are thinking of attending a JPP workshop, I encourage you to do it!  Whether you are a budding newbie or a seasoned veteran, there is something for everyone.  And the best part of all is learning from Julie.  See, three short years ago, Julie received an SLR as a gift.  She has built her remarkable business in three short years, while maintaining a level head, kind heart, and generous spirit.  She will love and support your business as if it was her own.  She is vested in your success.  She gave me the faith in myself that I was lacking and I’ll forever be grateful.  RUN, don’t walk, to your nearest computer and get in on one of her workshops.   Two seconds after meeting her, you’ll know exactly why I feel this way.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the workshop.   The lifestyle session was a new venture for me but I ended up really enjoying the end results.  They’re a little gritty and very real.  Julie said to look at lifestyle work like it tells a story.  And it truly does.  It’s also a reminder that you don’t always need to get all dressed up for pictures.  Be you.  Live your life and let me capture it how it really is.
lifestyle (5logo

lifestyle (9 of 27logo

lifestyle (12logo

lifestyle 15logo


As for the newborn session, that poor little baby only wanted her Momma.  And it’s obvious why.  Momma swooned over her life she was the best thing since sliced bread.  I love the emotion in these shots.





So, that’s all for now.  I’m feeling energized and refreshed.   Ready to move this thing forward.  Who’s coming along for the ride?


3 thoughts on “My workshop with Julie Paisey Photography: How to become a killer photographer while remaining a true lady

  1. Sarah, I love you! You can write so very well, woman. I’m so proud of you! I still can’t believe your progress in the SHORT amount of time you’ve realized this is your passion. NEVER stop! ❤

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