Love is in the air: Valentine’s Mini Sessions

Love.  Don’t you just love love?  I know I do.  I love sappy movies and cheesy music (Celine Dion is my favorite – I do not lie).  I have dreams of an airport reunion where I run towards my husband in slow motion and he spins me around while everyone watches.  But, I never travel without him so I’ll have to get my love fix through Valentine’s mini sessions.

My first client was my daughter’s future husband.   Don’t judge: a mother wants the best for her child and this kid is amazing.  Handsome, smart and funny!  And his parents rock.  Meet Ezra and check out his first kiss!blog1 blog2 blog3 blog5 blog6

After Ezra, I fell in love with a little sweetie named Caitlin. How could I not love those precious rolls and chubby cheeks?!! Gotta get my baby fix somewhere!


And then on Sunday, I got a triple scoop of triplet love. Check out these cuties! They were ON THE GO so I shot them separately. I bet their Momma loves getting 3x as many hugs and kisses!
trio template

So, I wish all of my followers a mushy lovey dovey kind of day! Who says you have to save all the love and affection for Valentine’s day? Here’s hoping you all get a giant smooch today!


One thought on “Love is in the air: Valentine’s Mini Sessions

  1. I remember actually apologizing BEFORE The shoot for how crazy Ezra would be! You sure know how to handle him! He had such a good time and Evie was so helpful. Like I said – I’m sure no other photographer has dance party breaks! You captured such amazing moments. How many mommies would LOVE their son’s first kisses on camera?!

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