Little Man Music

Remember this beautiful Mom to be? She was my very first maternity client. The first person to have faith that I could make pregnancy chic. The client who started my LOVE AFFAIR with maternity photography.


Well, her little boy finally arrived and it’s safe to say he’s just beautiful. Perfect skin, a little wisp of blond hair, and these bright captivating eyes that were watching my every move. For being 17 days old, he slept like a champ once he got all settled in. It was such an amazing experience to watch his parents dote over him: carefully swaddling him, tenderly feeding him, looking deep into his eyes seeing the miracle they created.
I am one of those Moms who truly enjoys motherhood and all the stages it involves. I loved when Evie was an infant and slept on my chest. And then I loved when she was a baby, witnessing a slew of “firsts” as she explored her new world. Now that she’s a toddler, I love hearing about how she sees the world. What things mean to her. What she likes, and inevitably doesn’t like. Every phase of the journey has it’s own wonderful moments.
Watching my clients interact with their brand new babies is magical. It’s like being a fly on the wall during the most tender moments of parenthood. Here are some of my favorite images from our session, filled with love and the always coveted new baby smell. How awesome is the piano shot? The Dad works in the music industry and we’ve been planning that photo for months!




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