Almost Three: My growing up girl

In just two short months my sweet girl will be three. Three. As in 36 months, 1095 days, 94608000 seconds. You know your baby isn’t a baby anymore when you refer to their age in years, as opposed to months.

All of this is bittersweet for me. I was always so worried about forgetting a moment that I documented everything. I photographed everything. My brothers joked that Evie never saw my face, only my camera. But I’m grateful now for all of those photos because the moments themselves are fleeting. I don’t think I would remember that at three months she tried the jenny jumper and at nine months she waved at herself in the mirror. I wouldn’t remember that at 16 months she loved rolling in the dog bed and at 20 months she started shouting “the end” after we read a book.

I am, at my very core, a keeper of memories. I love the little details of life. I love seeing what makes my child tick.

It isn’t always sunshine and unicorns in our house. We have bad days. Sometimes, we have bad weeks. But I CHOOSE to remember all of these wonderful moments. There is no sense in wasting any of the space in my brain on challenging, sad or hurtful moments. So, I savor my child because for now, she enjoys me and still thinks I’m cool and can sing!

Here are a few month by month images, showing how very grown up she is.  Photo credit for the 24th image: Masquerade Photos.

And here are some of my favorite images of the two of us together. The first trio of images (newborn, 3 month, 12 month) were done by Lisa Shafer Photography. The second set of images (5 month, 19 month, 24 month) were done by Jewell Juergensen of The Lovely Photo.  I can’t even explain how grateful I am to have these professional photos of me and Evie.   I’m usually the one taking the pictures but it’s so very important to be the subject every once in a while.

I leave you with this most recent picture of my girl.   Off to work on her pink fairy birthday party.   It’s the first birthday that she’s really planning herself and I can’t wait to see how much she enjoys it!



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