Valentine’s Collaboration with The Green Crocodile: A double dose of cuteness

One of my favorites parts of having my own business is working with people I know from my “former life” as a marketer for a health care provider. I was blessed to work for a local nursing home chain for over 7 years and during those years, I met tons of terrific nurses, therapists, doctors and social workers who have been amazingly supportive of my new venture. Those of you that work in health care know that it’s not a glamorous job. That’s why I love having the opportunity to take pictures of all these fantastic people in their cute alternatives to scrubs.

So…all of this rambling brings me to the amazing Meaghan Grace of The Green Crocodile. Meaghan and I met at one of my hospital accounts. She’s one of those people who is really easy to talk to and incredibly positive. I LOVE people like that! Positivity breeds positivity! In her spare time (because a mother of two little ones has tons of spare time!), Meaghan designs amazing tutus, tulle dresses, custom shirts and ties, monster leggings, the list goes on and on! I invited Meaghan and her two super cute kids over for a little Valentine’s day mini session. The girls are wearing custom Minnie Mouse LOVE shirts that Meaghan hand made. Check out her facebook page and send her some love!

Thank goodness for all those people like Meaghan who support my passion. I’m very excited to do the same for her! You’ll see her props being used in many of my upcoming sessions including a cake smash and a newborn session.

Enjoy all this cuteness coming your way!  And you know I love a good detail shoe shot.



2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Collaboration with The Green Crocodile: A double dose of cuteness

  1. I am honored by your gracious write up, amazing support, and lovely photos. You are a breath of fresh air Sarah, and I loved being able to witness your talents. You have a true gift! Where I miss you dearly around Union Memorial, I am also now relieved to see you embracing your passion.
    I look forward to our up coming sessions together my friend and co-creator.

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