Dapper little gentlemen

Who says babies don’t have style? I’ve had 2 seven month old clients and 1 three month old client this month. All three of them brough their “A game” to the session. I always thought shopping for boys would be boring. That their clothes are no where near as cute as girl clothes. That’s one of the many reasons I was so happy to be blessed with a girl. But, I must say, after seeing these three boys, I think their clothing choices are just as cute. And now I’m a little sad that I can’t have Evie wear a bow tie because that is just dashing!

First let me present Jacob. I about croaked when his Momma showed me his wardrobe. I loved all the little accessories she picked out and his tan Janie and Jack sweater is just divine!

And then little Mitchell stopped by. He did not think my jokes were funny at all but I loved capturing his full range of emotions. His plaid shirt looked so very grown up and I love how you can see my reflection if you look closely at his big beautiful eyes.


Lastly, baby Josh came by. His Momma is our dog groomer and seriously one of the nicest women I know. She groomed Romeo the day before Evie arrived and dolled him up with a pink bandana (that I kept). Josh’s blue and brown plaid shirt made his amazing blue eyes sparkle like sapphires! And you know we had to include a stuffed dog prop. My Evie kindly (….after a gentle reminder) shared him for the session.


If GQ had a baby model call, any of these boys would make the cut!


6 thoughts on “Dapper little gentlemen

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