Baby Fever: My creative solution

So, some of you may know that we’ve decided to keep our little family little and only have one child. What’s the best way to get over any lingering feelings that I want another baby??? Photograph a newborn. I get to cuddle, snuggle, shush to my hearts delight and then send those little love bugs home with their adoring parents. It precisely what I need to get a little baby fix. And the best part is….no sleep deprivation!

Here are a few of the babies I’ve been loving on lately:


Meet MJ:
MJ belongs to my best friend from high school. She was the very first baby I photographed and such a sweet girl. Born just before Christmas, she gave me the perfect opportunity to use some of my holiday themed props.

Meet Stevie:
I waited and waited to meet little Stevie. His gorgeous Momma was my very first maternity client. We had been planning his piano shot for months and I loved seeing it come to fruition.

Meet Quinn:
Quinn was referred to me by my very first official client. Her Momma loved girly accessories so the tutu was the perfect touch to this shoot.

Meet Annabelle:
Annabelle came my way after my college roommate posted about my newborn model search. Her beautiful full head of hair and dark lashes were swoon-worthy and she made the sweetest faces while asleep!

Meet Charlie:
Charlie was another one of my model call babies. Her proud big brother came along for a few of the shots and I loved watching him interact with her. She was the perfect model for my newborn crown from RoseMarie Photography & Props and my pant set from Happy Gnome.

Meet Weston:
Weston’s Momma was another one of my fabulous maternity clients. I drove to the country for his session and packed my car full of goodies. He was SUCH a good sleeper and he made my job super easy!  I loved the custom fire fighter outfit he wore to honor his Daddy.  Now I just need to find something like that for when my baby brother and his wife  have a baby one day (he works with this little boy’s daddy)!

Meet Lincoln:
Lincoln was the last of my model call babies. He was another good sleeper – I’m beginning to think the rumor about boy babies being easier is true! He had an amazing head of dark hair and lashes any girl would envy.

So to all you new Momma’s and Daddy’s out there. Please know that I will love love love your baby while they are in the studio. But no worries, they’re totally going home with you!


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