Dear to me: The 5 minute challenge

Inspired by the work of Stephanie Marie Photography, I took the five minute challenge and took my little family to the Canton, MD pier for a brief photo session. In her blog, Stephanie talked about how moms need to get pictures of their own kids and what better way to do that with a three year old than to set a five minute limit.

It was a blustery day and my original idea of a sailor themed shoot was a bust due to the cold. So we picked some other clothes and just rolled with it. I knew the pier would be the perfect location because Evie is having a love affair with the Little Mermaid and I told her Scuttle the seagull would be there. All I had to do to get these great authentic smiles was to yell, at the top of my lungs “ARIEL, HOW YOU DOING KID?!!!!!”. Passerby’s probably thought I was insane but you’ve gotta do what it takes to get that shot!

So, Nelson and Evie looked at the seagulls and the ducks and cuddled close to stay warm. And I snapped away for those few short minutes.

Do you know what I ended up with? My FAVORITE image of my husband and daughter EVER. An image that invokes so much heartfelt emotion and love. I love these images so much that I’m contemplating re-painting our guest room a moody gray-blue color and ordering canvases.

In exchange for 300 seconds, I now have images that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

Read more about the Stephanie’s challenge here :::



2 thoughts on “Dear to me: The 5 minute challenge

  1. Sarah, you are an exceptional photographer and an out-of-this world momma. You truly inspire me everyday to be a better mom and that the little moments in life should be captured. Thank you!!

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