Week 2: The 5 minute challenge – Nautical Enchantment

I’ve decided to continue with Stephanie Marie Photography’s 5 minute challenge and make it a weekly outlet for my creativity. It’ll provide an opportunity to scope out new locations, develop a theme and dress up my sweet girl. This week’s five minute challenge took more like 15 minutes because Evie dismantled her bun twice while playing with the tulip. I’ve never been good at doing my own hair (hence the short do) but I love playing with hers. This messy bun is so sophisticated. Just further cements my Evie hair envy.

Today we headed to the opposite side of the Baltimore harbor. I put Evie in a little sailor dress that we found at a thrift shop for $7 and picked up some beautiful tulips from the grocery store. I converted some images to black and white so I can hang them in our living room which is decorated entirely in photos of this style. But, truth be told, my favorite is the one of her looking up at me, looking very grown up with her serious face.

Happy Monday to all of you! Hope your day is beautiful.


2 thoughts on “Week 2: The 5 minute challenge – Nautical Enchantment

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