Starstruck: Mentoring with Rachel Vanoven

2 weeks ago I got an email that made me leap out of my seat and shout for joy. I was originally supposed to attend the December workshop with newborn photog genius Rachel Vanoven, but a spot opened in March and I was bumped up. I quickly booked a flight and a hotel and luckily, my uber supportive husband was able to take off work and have unlimited tea parties and pretend play time with Evie.

So on Tuesday, I boarded a Southwest flight and headed on my merry way. On Wednesday morning I was a nervous wreck, worried that I would relive the embarrassing starstruck moment that occurred at a Celine Dion concert years before (she came out on stage and I literally burst into tears and shouted, from my nosebleed seats, I LOVE YOU CELINE like she could hear me. I’m surprised my husband married me after witnessing that!). Rachel is every bit as awesome as I thought she be. She’s gorgeous, funny and naturally at ease with clients. But, despite all her success, she’s so humble and she immediately put me at ease. I particularly loved the fact that we spent our lunch hour watching autotune videos on YouTube. Evie does indeed love the “I Love Cats” video and we’ve probably watched it 30 times already.

Over the course of the two days, we learned her process, soup to nuts. Never one to blow smoke up your a@*, Rachel insisted we get it right in camera. Why crop in photoshop when you can just take the pose right with your camera? She was all about reducing our workload while providing the client with absolute stellar work. As a Mom, I can appreciate the fact that she has really managed to balance family and home life while staying at the top of her game.
The following images were POSED & STYLED by RACHEL and SHOT & EDITED by ME.

If you’re a photographer who wants to specialize in newborn photography, make it a point to save up and attend her workshop.  It’s worth every single penny!

I’ll start you off with a behind the scenes glimpse of me working with Rachel and posing in the Mother/baby pose 🙂  Yes…I’m a geek!


Certainly not afraid of COLOR!
Woodland wonderment
Who looks so good 8 days after birth??? I don’t look that good now!
Yes another gorgeous Momma
I posed and shot this series myself!
This purple series reminded me of Easter. Especially the ones of the baby wrapped like an egg.

So, I came away from the workshop with a better understanding of where I want my business to go. I’m hoping to specialize solely in maternity/newborn work by 2014. It’ll be like a permanent baby fix!

Until next time….


5 thoughts on “Starstruck: Mentoring with Rachel Vanoven

  1. So proud of you!!!!! Love every single one! And if she gave you any hints on where oh where to find the lilac flokati, please spill the beans! Been dying to get my hands on some!


  2. I love this post, Actually giggled out loud at the celine dion part:) Great reading about your experience. Im going to rachels UK workshop on May, seek, actually counting down the sleeps:)

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