Dear to Me: Celebrating 6 Years

My husband will be the first to tell you that he’s not a hopeless romantic. He doesn’t really celebrate Valentine’s day and he’s not the kind to bring me flowers on a whim. So that makes the fact that he celebrates the night we met, 6 years ago, even more special.

Go with me back in time…

It’s 2007 and in addition to my full time job in health care, I’m working part time at the new hot restaurant, Jack’s Bistro. One of my clients asks me if I’m single and says he has an awesome friend who is looking for a girl who is, AND I QUOTE, “not a chicken head”. Well, I’m no chicken head! I’m an independent woman with a great career and my own place. Send him my way, I said.

So, Nelson arrived at Jacks on a cold night and sat at the end of the bar while I worked my shift. It took me, literally, two hours to get up the nerve to even acknowledge him. After the restaurant closed down, we sat in a booth and talked for hours. Two nights later we went on our first date and we’ve been inseparable ever since. The craziest thing was that we lived only 2 city blocks away from each other and had never met. I always joke that had we met in the summer, I probably wouldn’t have dated him (he’s covered in tattoos). Good thing it was cold when we met or I could have easily dismissed the man who came to be my soul mate!

Here’s a little bit of our journey in photographic form:

We meet. I have braces and I’m awaiting my reconstructive jaw surgery appointment. My hair is red and short and ….terrible.

He takes me to California for his birthday and surprises me with first class seats since flying first class was on my bucket list.

We do typical dating stuff like picnics in the park and concerts on weeknights.

We adopt two rescue pugs, one from NC and one from TN. Our family is coming together!

Engagement photo session with Mary Kate McKenna, of Frederick, MD in our little Mount Vernon neighborhood. I kind of think we look like rock stars. Note how well rested I look before children!!!!!

We get married in Corolla, NC. The photographer later told us it was the best sunset ever. Seems fitting because it was the best day ever. Photo credit: Chris Bickford

We’ve been married for 1 month. I’m pregnant, but don’t know it yet!!!!!!

One day after moving into our new house my test comes back positive after 6 false negative tests. If I had found out one day earlier I could have avided moving any boxes. Curse you terrible timing!!!!! 🙂   Is it weird that I still have the test, tucked away in the closet?  You can still read it!

Maternity photos with SnappShot Photography of VA. So glad we did these, especially since now we’ve decided not to expand our family.  This is where I learned that apparently my “sexy” face just looks angry!  And that my folks is why I stay behind the lens 🙂

Evie arrives on her due date, 3/31/10. She’s perfect. I’m in love and even more in love with him when I watch him hold her.

We leave Evie with my parents to go to dinner for our 1 year anniversary. It feels like the longest 2 hours EVER.

1 month turns into 3 months turns into 6 months and 9 months and before we know it, our baby is a year old.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day become our favorite days and at Thanksgiving we celebrate how thankful we are to have a thriving marriage and a healthy child.

I turn 30 and he outdoes himself and plans the most amazing celebration. The speech he gave about me made everyone cry, including himself! A friend has to finish reading it for him.

5 years together, aging like a fine wine.

So here we are at 6 years (picture credit: Julie Hipkins from Originations Photo). He’s the best and I am grateful each and every day to be his wife. Here’s to 600 more years together. As Pooh says so well, “If you live to be one hundred, I want to live to be one hundred minus one, so I never have to be without you.”


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