Talent Tuesday: Avi Stoddard Photography

It’s Talent Tuesday again and this week I am featuring the bridal/glamor work of Avi Stoddard Photography. Avi lives out in Utah and I had to ask her…. What is in the water in Utah that makes everyone (herself included) so exceptionally gorgeous??? I am going to have Utah water shipped to my house in bulk!  I’m going to drink it, bathe in it and cook my noodles in it.  You all think I’m kidding…. I’m not!

Avi is another photographer that I met in my favorite forum. Her bridal and glamor work always stops me in my tracks.

That piecing eye contact.

That perfect hand placement.

That captivating smile.

A couple in love.

A bride feeling her most beautiful.

Perhaps the loveliest moment in one’s life.

The beginning of life as a “we”.

Hats off to Avi for capturing those snapshots in time and making it look effortless.  Now head on over to her page and show her some love!  I know you will straight up swoon over the images!




Love without words

They met at an art festival. He was there with a friend admiring the work in her booth, much longer than the average passerby. Thank goodness he lingered.

They began to chat which was no easy feat with the language barrier. But the connection could not be denied; a date was planned.

And from that date, a friendship was formed. Isn’t that how all the best marriages start? They taught each other their native language and found that their love blossomed as their voculabulary grew.

Here’s to a lifetime of kind words and understanding. And passion, don’t forget that!



Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice: Sisters edition

A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.  ~Marion C. Garretty

I had two beautiful sets of sisters in my studio recently.  First up, Tati and Addie.   Within moments, Tati was Evie’s new best friend and they ran into her room and played together (in the dark so you know they were lost in the moment).   She was gentle and articulate and made me so excited for the 5 year old age!  Little sister Addie was on the go but so very happy.  Both girls have these amazing crystal clear blue eyes and long lashes that just beckoned to be captured macro style.  I simply couldn’t resist!

Then Keira and Farrah came over with their divine wardrobe complete with stylish accessories. Farrah celebrated her first birthday with a cake smash. She hasn’t come to appreciate the finer things in life like french buttercream and raspberry filling, so her Momma got to take most of that amazing cake home! Big sister Keira was a photographer’s dream!!! She listened to suggestions, made amazing eye contact and didn’t rock a single fake cheesy smile! I should have Evie spend some time with her 🙂 The black and white photo is one of my all time favorite shots. Keep you eyes posted because she and Evie will be doing a stylized shoot together soon!


Talent Tuesday: Stephanie Marie Photography

It’s Talent Tuesday and this week I’m featuring Stephanie Duncan of Stephanie Marie Photography. I met Stephanie in a photography forum and was instantly drawn to her vibrant work. What kept me interested week after week were the amazing images Stephanie posted of her gorgeous daughter Haley. It gave me a little glimpse into what my life will be like one day when Evie is old enough to really pose and …. cooperate. Haley even took Stephanie’s profile picture! The student becomes the teacher 🙂

A few weeks ago Stephanie issued a challenge. Anyone who knows me well knows I love a good competition!!! GAME FACE ON! A 5 minute weekly photo shoot with your child; you know the one you never photograph anymore since your business took off?!! I took that challenge and have done a weekly 5 minute shoot with Evie for 5 weeks now. It allows me to be creative, scout out new locations, connect with my child and capture her innocence and supreme beauty. I will forever be grateful to Stephanie for challenging me to make photos of my child as important as all the photos I take of other beautiful kiddos.

So, head on over to her page and show her some love. I bet you’ll be hooked, just like I was!


Week 5: The Five Minute Challenge – We’re not broken, just bent

This was a sad week for our country between the terror in Boston and the tragedy in Waco. As a Mother, I feel these tragedies differently than I did before Evie arrived. My heart breaks for the parents of the little boy in Boston and for all those children who lost their parents in Waco. As some of you may know, my baby brother is a career fire fighter, so I think of the service men and women who selflessly give of themselves to protect others. Times like this show the very worst and the very best in people.

With all of this in mind, It seemed a fitting week to finally shoot in the weeping willow I drive past every day. Classic Evie totally worked her somber look. It was almost as if there were moments that she could feel my sorrow, despite my best efforts to shield her from the harsh reality of the world.

At the same time, we had a few joyous moments. It reminded me of lyrics from the latest Pink song:
“We’re not broken, just bent. And we can learn to love again”.

May the wounds of the broken be healed. And may be try to love each other just a little more, a little better.

Until next time,


Talent Tuesday: Serina Sparkman

It’s Talent Tuesday and this week I’m featuring Serina Sparkman. Serina loves those little babies just like me! I’ve been a fan of her page for a while and have deemed her the queen of creative wraps. Imagine my surprise, shock, excitement, **HAPPY DANCE**, when she became a fan of my page. I darn near croaked!

Some of my fans say that looking at my pictures is relaxing or is their daily simple pleasure. That’s how I feel when I view Serina’s work. Her babies look so peaceful. They’re beautifully lit and impeccably styled. Her work is my simple pleasure. So, head on over to her page and show her some love. I bet you’ll be hooked, just like I was!

https://www.facebook.com/serinasparkmanphotographyIMG_0741 FB



IMG_0125 FB

IMG_0618 FB 2

Week 4: The Five Minute Challenge – Recreating Love

I’ve had this idea stuck in my head for a while. After I did the shoot with Evie in my wedding dress, I wanted to recreate our engagement photos using Nelson and Evie instead of Nelson and me. I called the session “Nelson’s second love” because that’s exactly what she is. A beautiful reminder of our love story and where it all began, in Mount Vernon. The photos were even taken during the same month, when the cherry blossom trees were in bloom.

All engagement photos are credited to Mary Kate McKenna of Frederick, MD.

The cherry on the sundae was the shot of me and Evie. My husband is totally clueless with how to shoot my camera in manual using back button focus but luck was on our side and he captured this sweet moment.

Until the next challenge,