Life in color: Graffiti Alley

About a year ago, I joined an online forum for photographers. In that forum, I have met more amazing women than I can count, Polly being one of them. When Polly suggested that we meet up, I was ready! I told my husband that she’d be coming to stay for a few days and he looked at me cautiously and asked “and how long have you known this girl”? His true underlying question was “and how do you know she isn’t a murderer”? Gotta love a sensible man! But, I opted to take a chance and boy am I glad I did. Not only is Polly not a murderer, she’s an awesome photographer with a daughter the same age as Evie! We get to talk shop while the girls play??? Sounds amazing to me!

Spring break finally came but the weather had other plans for us. It was far too cold for our cherry blossom shoot or our harbor nautical shoot but I found the coolest location, Graffati Alley. Now I literally drove right by this alley on my way to work for FIVE years and never noticed it! It was the perfect location for our urban edgy shoot and Polly and I got some headshots in the process.   The vibrant colors really made the shoot look joyous even when our toddlers were being, well, moody toddlers.  As we were thinking “Be bold!  Live a colorful existence!”, the girls were thinking “We’re cold!  You promised hot chocolate!”.

So, to my dear friend Polly, I thank you not only for the amazing pictures of me and Evie, but also for being a sounding board during this last amazing year of business. I can’t wait to watch our businesses grow together!

You can find Polly’s work at:
Thanks for the headshot Polly!
Polly made me break my cardinal no smiling rule, thus exposing all my eye wrinkles!!!!!!


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