Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice: Sisters edition

A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.  ~Marion C. Garretty

I had two beautiful sets of sisters in my studio recently.  First up, Tati and Addie.   Within moments, Tati was Evie’s new best friend and they ran into her room and played together (in the dark so you know they were lost in the moment).   She was gentle and articulate and made me so excited for the 5 year old age!  Little sister Addie was on the go but so very happy.  Both girls have these amazing crystal clear blue eyes and long lashes that just beckoned to be captured macro style.  I simply couldn’t resist!

Then Keira and Farrah came over with their divine wardrobe complete with stylish accessories. Farrah celebrated her first birthday with a cake smash. She hasn’t come to appreciate the finer things in life like french buttercream and raspberry filling, so her Momma got to take most of that amazing cake home! Big sister Keira was a photographer’s dream!!! She listened to suggestions, made amazing eye contact and didn’t rock a single fake cheesy smile! I should have Evie spend some time with her 🙂 The black and white photo is one of my all time favorite shots. Keep you eyes posted because she and Evie will be doing a stylized shoot together soon!



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