Talent Tuesday: Avi Stoddard Photography

It’s Talent Tuesday again and this week I am featuring the bridal/glamor work of Avi Stoddard Photography. Avi lives out in Utah and I had to ask her…. What is in the water in Utah that makes everyone (herself included) so exceptionally gorgeous??? I am going to have Utah water shipped to my house in bulk!  I’m going to drink it, bathe in it and cook my noodles in it.  You all think I’m kidding…. I’m not!

Avi is another photographer that I met in my favorite forum. Her bridal and glamor work always stops me in my tracks.

That piecing eye contact.

That perfect hand placement.

That captivating smile.

A couple in love.

A bride feeling her most beautiful.

Perhaps the loveliest moment in one’s life.

The beginning of life as a “we”.

Hats off to Avi for capturing those snapshots in time and making it look effortless.  Now head on over to her page and show her some love!  I know you will straight up swoon over the images!




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