Week 9: The 5 Minute Challenge – In your eyes

I have a confession. I totally love cheesy romance music. Like Celine Dion and old Whitney and Boys II Men and BabyFace. Nelson took me to a Celine Dion concert when we were dating and based on my behavior there (hysterical crying and shouting “I LOVE YOU CELINE” – No lie!) I am amazed that he still put a ring on my finger!  He did, however, veto my first dance song choice of “The Power of Love”.   😉

One of my all time favorite songs is Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes”. Even though it’s not meant to be sung to your child, the lyrics hit home for me. Not only because Evie has the most spectacular blue prismatic sparkly eyes that I’ve ever seen, but because when I look in her eyes, my life really is complete.  I can see all the good things in the world: endless optimism, the ability to be friends with anyone, the grand journey that awaits you each day.

In your eyes
I am complete
In your eyes
I see the doorway to a thousand churches
In your eyes
The resolution of all the fruitless searches
In your eyes

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Talent Tuesday: Sali Stout Photography

It’s Talent Tuesday again and this week I am featuring the maternity work of Sali of Sali Stout Photography. Maternity is, hands down, my absolute favorite genre to photograph. There is something about taking a woman, who is heavier than her normal weight, and showing her how exceptionally beautiful it is to carry the weight of new life!

Sali is not solely a maternity photographer but I’m always drawn to her stunning maternity work. Her indoor lifestyle sessions utilize natural light flawlessly. There’s something so intimate about a session done in your very own home. Kind of like a voyeuristic glimpse into your real life, captured beautifully. True to form, her outdoor work is all about sun and flare! I’d declare that Sali is a sun worshiper and she does it so very well.

I think what I find most fascinating is Sali’s relatively young age. Fresh out of college (like one week fresh – CONGRATS!), Sali is almost wise and talented beyond her years. There is no way at age 21 I would have the maturity or confidence to capture these amazing moments in someone’s life. I didn’t truly appreciate maternity photography until I knew how it felt to be pregnant. So it truly speaks volumes about Sali that she is able to photograph this time in a manner that addresses the emotion, exceptional love, and physical sacrifice that we as women make when carrying our children.

I tip my hat to you Sali Stout! And one day, maybe just maybe, I can be the one to capture this amazing time in your life.

You can check out Sali’s work on facebook at:
or on her website at:



Celebrating in style: 1 year cake smash session


Now if I’m a little misty eyed about this, I can’t imagine how his parents feel.  My how time really does fly.  One minute they are in your arms for the very first time and the next they are exploring the house with their wobbly new walking skills.

You may remember Jacob from my Valentine’s day mini sessions.


He’s the original dapper gentleman with a penchant for accessories and the best baby hairdo.  For his one year session, we incorporated my new favorite boat prop into the session for a nautical feel.   Then it was time for cake.  And not just any cake; Sugar Bakers cake with strawberry mousse and Italian buttercream.  True to his style, Jacob rocked a sailboat bowtie that I found at Target and a straw hat that his Mom brought along.   I don’t know about you but I’m infamous for leaving Target with a dozen things I never intended to buy.   They always have cute little things that I use as props.

So to Jacob I say: Dig in little man. Dig into the cake and dig into life!

“A birthday is just the first day of another 365 day journey around the sun.  Enjoy the trip!” ~Anonymous

Talent Tuesday: A Piece of the Plan

It’s Talent Tuesday again and this week I am featuring the my first vendor, Ginger Huntley of A Piece of the Plan.  Ginger is the genius behind the gorgeous mohair tube wrap that got such rave reviews in Luka (green) and Kendal’s (pink) session.  She also makes the most amazing custom embroidered bonnets, like the one modeled by Cecelia, the latest Evie Claire newborn model.

I found Ginger through another photographer friend of mine, Lindsey Brown of Lindsey Brown Photography (check her out on Facebook!).  I immediately fell in love with her beautiful craftsmanship and attention to detail.  Her customer service is unparalleled and she is personally a huge champion of my business.   She believes in building a community where we can support each other and grow together.   This is exactly why I chose her, over so many other vendors, time and time again.   She values her customers and wants her items to be a part of the beautiful art we seek to create.  Keep on the lookout for the crazy good bonnet she’s making for Evie! I have a whole session planned around it!

In her free time (HA!!!! She has 4 kids!!!) Ginger raises chickens on their family farm.  She recently cut off all her hair to donate to a local girl who lost her hair to alopecia.  Her giving is endless and in featuring her today, I hope to be able to give something back to her.

So, thank you Ginger for just being the pure, giving human being that you are.

A love story worth sharing

I hope everyone knows a couple like Meaghan and Adam. A couple whose love is so true and so pure and so proud, that it makes you feel like running home and telling your spouse how much they mean to you. Gives you an excuse (if you need one!) for an extra long kiss! They refer to each other as lover and because it’s so genuine, it doesn’t make you roll your eyes.  And anyone who really truly knows me will tell you that I’d be the first to roll my eyes.

And to think there’s was a love that almost didn’t happen. After meeting on eHarmony, Meaghan and Adam bonded immediately but were thrown by the distance between them caused by a terrible commute. Perhaps they weren’t at the “right place” in their life to be seriously dating someone. Well, thank goodness they came to their senses!!!

A wedding was planned at whirlwind speed due to an illness affecting Meaghan’s dear friend and mentor. Photography was the last thing they were worried about. Her sister took pictures of their union. Pictures that are treasured, but still…..

Fast forward almost 6 years and two kids later. Meaghan, who still fits in her wedding gown (how many people can say that?!!!) told me she’d love to get all dolled up with Adam for some “rock the dress” style shots. She chose a location near their home where she used to play as a child.  And she did indeed rock that dress, along with her original bouquet.  They brought along another special trinket, the box that held their rings.   A sucker for the detail shots, I just had to capture that box, along with typical wedding style ring and bouquet shots.  These may just be my favorite photos to date.  They are so natural in front of the camera. He looked at her like there was no one else in the world.  She kissed him like I wasn’t there clicking along with the moment.  Sheer bliss.

So to all of you lovers out there, celebrate your marriage!   If you can’t rock the dress, chose something else.   Find a way to capture your love in a way that will be meaningful forever.   Because the wedding day is fleeting but the marriage is forever.



Week 8: The 5 Minute Challenge – In bloom

We are getting ready to….cut…Evie’s….hair.  Her amazing mane of long thick wavy hair.   It’s simply too much for an active 3 year old and it’s constantly getting stuck in the buttons on my coat, carseat straps, ketchup.  The list goes on and on.  So after Evie is in my dear friend’s wedding, it’s getting cut.   I am hell bent determined to do all sorts of fun braids and up do’s before it’s too short.   So tonight, I bring you Pollyanna double braids.

I found this random field of little yellow flowers and “wish flowers” as Evie calls them near our house.  It’s a huge lot in an otherwise industrial area.  You never know where you will find your next location that inspires you.

I will be the gladdest thing
Under the sun!
I will touch a hundred flowers
And not pick one.
~Edna St. Vincent Millay, “Afternoon on a Hill”

On a special side note, the necklace Evie is wearing was the gift my hubby gave me for my first Mother’s day.   Looks beautiful on her if I do say so myself!

Until next week,



Talent Tuesday: Kim Bice Photography

It’s Talent Tuesday again and this week I am featuring the senior work of Kim Bice Photography. I still remember the first image I ever saw from Kim…a gorgeous girl wearing a yellow coat and a cloche hat. Striking clarity and eyes that drew you right in. I liked her page and always look forward to seeing her work in my feed. I know immediately that an image is hers.  She’s all about COLOR and I love how she thinks big and bold! Her black and white shots are purrrrrrrrfection. You all know how I die over a good black and white shot!

Kim’s work is not exclusive to seniors but I think her senior work is stellar. I would put her up against the top senior photographers in the nation. When I was a senior, almost 15 ** cough ** years ago, we all did standard shots with a black or navy (oooooh – daring girls!) drape. Now we live in a society where we take hundreds of pictures a month with our phones. Where we have access to the most innovative ideas through pinterest. Seniors today want stylized shoots and Kim does them perfectly. Her senior girls always look modern but tasteful. Her senior boys look urban and edgy. I can not in a million years imagine coaching a senior boy through a session so I give Kim MAD PROPS for doing it so well.

Go see what Kim is all about! Head on over to her page and show her some love! Makes me wish I was a senior again so I could have a shoot with her instead of this shot….

And yes…that is a Sarah Schwartz scrapbook page a la 1999!grad