Gratitude is the best attitude

Last week I had three return clients. It made me stop and take pause because I have only been in business since October. Frankly, the success of my business has floored me. I was just a mom with a camera and a lifelong passion for photography, committed to sharing beautiful images with other families. My passion for creating these snapshots in time has driven this whole thing. I want each and every one of my clients to have photos that they will look at in 3 years and smile, just like I do when I look at Evie’s newborn photos. These moments are precious. Life is busy and time is fleeting and sometimes it is important to take pause.

My husband sometimes jests that I am so committed to documenting Evie’s life, that sometimes I miss out on the actual moment. Partially true. But I rely on my photos and journaling to fill in the things I forget. Frankly, her entire first year is a blur of adrenaline fueled moments that are supplemented by my handcrafted scrapbooks and diligently maintained schedule books and journals. I’m glad I took pictures of my silly baby yoga routine that used to cure her gas (sorry E…I’m telling the world!).

It’s priceless that I captured her first steps on film because I never put that camera down.
And who would remember that she hated peas on day one and loved them on day 2 without the photos to prove it?

So, I want to thank all of you for inviting me into your beautiful lives. Trust me when I say that I love capturing your bond and I try to capture it in the way that I would want to be photographed. When you tell me that I got the signature look your child makes, my heart overflows. Truly, it does.

I hope these repeat clients continue and that I am given the honor of watching your babies grow just like I am watching Evie. It’s just… the best.

Here is a sampling of my 38…. THIRTY EIGHT sessions so far in 2013. Talk about abundantly blessed.



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