Week 6: The 5 Minute Challenge – In the weeds

You know in a restaurant when the chef says they’re “in the weeds”?  I’ve been having that feeling a bit lately.   I am trying to balance this abundantly successful business with my #1 job as Evie’s Mom.   Some days, quite honestly, I feel like an epic failure.   Craft projects don’t get done and too much TV is watched.  I’m doing all of this for her, and yet, sometimes she gets lost in the shuffle a bit.

Today was good though.  She had an awesome day at school, rode her bike, played hide and go seek and blew bubbles.   We played peek-a-boo in the reeds during my 5 minute photo shoot and totally loved it.  We ate ice cream for lunch.   All rules were thrown out the window and Daddy made it home in time for bedtime stories.  Success.

I hope one day she will see what I’m trying to teach her.  That you can make a living being creative and doing something you are passionate about.  That you don’t necessarily need a desk job if your heart isn’t in it.  Because all I really want for her is to live a colorful existence.  To live a life as beautiful as she is.

Until next time,




One thought on “Week 6: The 5 Minute Challenge – In the weeds

  1. You’re an amazing mom, Sarah! You have to do what makes you happy too. I think you balance it perfectly. I’m so proud of you and it makes me happy when you’re happy. Love ya!!!

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