Talent Tuesday: Kim Bice Photography

It’s Talent Tuesday again and this week I am featuring the senior work of Kim Bice Photography. I still remember the first image I ever saw from Kim…a gorgeous girl wearing a yellow coat and a cloche hat. Striking clarity and eyes that drew you right in. I liked her page and always look forward to seeing her work in my feed. I know immediately that an image is hers.  She’s all about COLOR and I love how she thinks big and bold! Her black and white shots are purrrrrrrrfection. You all know how I die over a good black and white shot!

Kim’s work is not exclusive to seniors but I think her senior work is stellar. I would put her up against the top senior photographers in the nation. When I was a senior, almost 15 ** cough ** years ago, we all did standard shots with a black or navy (oooooh – daring girls!) drape. Now we live in a society where we take hundreds of pictures a month with our phones. Where we have access to the most innovative ideas through pinterest. Seniors today want stylized shoots and Kim does them perfectly. Her senior girls always look modern but tasteful. Her senior boys look urban and edgy. I can not in a million years imagine coaching a senior boy through a session so I give Kim MAD PROPS for doing it so well.

Go see what Kim is all about! Head on over to her page and show her some love! Makes me wish I was a senior again so I could have a shoot with her instead of this shot….

And yes…that is a Sarah Schwartz scrapbook page a la 1999!grad



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