A love story worth sharing

I hope everyone knows a couple like Meaghan and Adam. A couple whose love is so true and so pure and so proud, that it makes you feel like running home and telling your spouse how much they mean to you. Gives you an excuse (if you need one!) for an extra long kiss! They refer to each other as lover and because it’s so genuine, it doesn’t make you roll your eyes.  And anyone who really truly knows me will tell you that I’d be the first to roll my eyes.

And to think there’s was a love that almost didn’t happen. After meeting on eHarmony, Meaghan and Adam bonded immediately but were thrown by the distance between them caused by a terrible commute. Perhaps they weren’t at the “right place” in their life to be seriously dating someone. Well, thank goodness they came to their senses!!!

A wedding was planned at whirlwind speed due to an illness affecting Meaghan’s dear friend and mentor. Photography was the last thing they were worried about. Her sister took pictures of their union. Pictures that are treasured, but still…..

Fast forward almost 6 years and two kids later. Meaghan, who still fits in her wedding gown (how many people can say that?!!!) told me she’d love to get all dolled up with Adam for some “rock the dress” style shots. She chose a location near their home where she used to play as a child.  And she did indeed rock that dress, along with her original bouquet.  They brought along another special trinket, the box that held their rings.   A sucker for the detail shots, I just had to capture that box, along with typical wedding style ring and bouquet shots.  These may just be my favorite photos to date.  They are so natural in front of the camera. He looked at her like there was no one else in the world.  She kissed him like I wasn’t there clicking along with the moment.  Sheer bliss.

So to all of you lovers out there, celebrate your marriage!   If you can’t rock the dress, chose something else.   Find a way to capture your love in a way that will be meaningful forever.   Because the wedding day is fleeting but the marriage is forever.




4 thoughts on “A love story worth sharing

  1. It’s funny that you mention our lover comments. It started because my Aunt Louise, whom was the same aunt that lived by this park, would tell me stories as a little girl aout her childhood days. 90% where funny, and most likely a little made up ;). She was the best story teller, and maybe it’s because she came from days of no TV, no FB, no real radio.
    Anyways, when she told me about her marriage to my Uncle Joe (whom’s ring adam wore the day for the photoshot).. She one time said, (And I’m guessing I was 8-9 at the time)
    “When you find someone that forgives in the bad times, creates the laugher in the fun, but loves you all the time. Then that is when you have found you lover for a life time”.
    I remember it because I wrote it in my diary along with that my recent crush at the time would be maybe this life time love. ;).

    Little did I know a guy in VA, whom came into my life at the right time, when I didn’t know I even needed the lover of my lifetime then.. was The prefect Lover for me.

    I’m so so happy Sarah that you captured what my Aunt Louise told me would come one day, and let me have a moment of my wedding that we dismissed back on sept 15, 2007 when my life was giving me this one love, and taking away someone else I loved.

    It was important to me and adam in have this time together, and remembering all the reason’s we unitied that very wonderful day.


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