Talent Tuesday: Sali Stout Photography

It’s Talent Tuesday again and this week I am featuring the maternity work of Sali of Sali Stout Photography. Maternity is, hands down, my absolute favorite genre to photograph. There is something about taking a woman, who is heavier than her normal weight, and showing her how exceptionally beautiful it is to carry the weight of new life!

Sali is not solely a maternity photographer but I’m always drawn to her stunning maternity work. Her indoor lifestyle sessions utilize natural light flawlessly. There’s something so intimate about a session done in your very own home. Kind of like a voyeuristic glimpse into your real life, captured beautifully. True to form, her outdoor work is all about sun and flare! I’d declare that Sali is a sun worshiper and she does it so very well.

I think what I find most fascinating is Sali’s relatively young age. Fresh out of college (like one week fresh – CONGRATS!), Sali is almost wise and talented beyond her years. There is no way at age 21 I would have the maturity or confidence to capture these amazing moments in someone’s life. I didn’t truly appreciate maternity photography until I knew how it felt to be pregnant. So it truly speaks volumes about Sali that she is able to photograph this time in a manner that addresses the emotion, exceptional love, and physical sacrifice that we as women make when carrying our children.

I tip my hat to you Sali Stout! And one day, maybe just maybe, I can be the one to capture this amazing time in your life.

You can check out Sali’s work on facebook at:
or on her website at:




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