Puppy Love: Adventures with Romeo

“Dogs are miracles with paws.”  ~Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy

When Kelly contacted me, months ago, for a puppy photo shoot, I suggested we wait until summer so we could shoot outside. I’m so glad we waited. The early summer weather was warm and wonderful and the sunset was glorious.
I’m used to shooting a less than cooperative toddler so Romeo was a breath of fresh air! He listened beautifully and looked positively majestic at the top of Federal Hill.

Today is Romeo’s Gotcha Day. That’s the dog equivalent of an adoption date; the day he found his forever family with Kelly and Adam. They have done an exceptional job training him and raising yet another dog that defies the violent pitbull misconception. He was so gentle with Evie and his human cousin Josh.

We adopted our dogs too and I almost feel like they knew we rescued them. They’re forever grateful and show it with their endless happy pug snorts.

So here’s to many happy years as a family!  May you be blessed with lots of sweet dog kisses 🙂


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