Wow Me Wednesdays: Sarah Edition

Here we are at week 2 of the Wow Me series and it’s my turn to feature the products that rock my world! Let’s start with my favorite topic: Shoes!

So….once upon a time I was supa fly. Well at least I thought I was supa fly. I rocked my sky high heels for years even when I worked as a field marketer who walked all day long. Honestly, my feet never hurt me. Fast forward a few years and now I’m pretty used to my life as a low key stay at home mom. My feet swell up if I even look at those once beloved heels. So I keep it classy in Sperry’s or Minnetonka Mocs. Both are available at either Nordstroms or Macy’s or online.


1. CAbi
In my older age (OLDER not OLD) I’ve come to appreciate a well made garment. No more shopping at Forever 21, or as my Mom calls it, Forever 31. My go to place for amazing clothes that are chic, effortless and unique is CAbi. My insanely fabulous roommate from college hosts these parties twice a year and I allow myself to splurge on one or two pieces. Like this feather button up blouse that I wore belted to Evie’s third birthday party. Having these items in my closet makes it super easy to get ready for a night out on the town.

2. The perfect red lip
I can not lie. I don’t ever leave the house without makeup. But, most days I keep it super simple and add a bold lip. To me, red lipstick makes me feel instantly glamorous and pulled together. Almost as if I’m not a frazzled mom with a whole lot going on 🙂 Here are two of my favorite brands, both purchased through QVC. Lipstick queen earns added points for their uber cool packaging.
Lipstick Queen: Sinner
It Cosmetics: Pretty Woman

3. Big bold jewelry
I’m not a big fan of expensive jewelry because I tend to lose things but I LOVE LOVE LOVE costume jewelry. My hubs heads straight to Zelda Zen (now located in Fells Point) for any big occasion. He can’t go wrong there and Beth, the owner, is one of the most truly generous people I have ever met. Evie and I model Beth’s items in these pictures.

4. A “Mom tote”
What would I do without my endless supply (I think I own 4) of ThirtyOne Organizing Utility Totes? They are the perfect solution for Moms on the go. All the side pockets hold sunscreen and lip balm and snacks and the tote is the perfect size for carrying all your Mom necessities. I thought I’d be rid of a diaper bag after Evie didn’t wear diapers but instead was saddled with a change of clothes and a portable toilet seat. One day I’ll get to carry my Coach bags again but for now, these totally make my life easy.  Added bonus that they came in Raven’s purple last fall!

1. Lush SOFT COEUR massage bar
Holy goodness. One of my fellow workshop mates from the Rachel Vanoven workshop turned me on to this solid lotion bar. It smells like heaven. Like heaven on its very finest smelling day. You rub it on immediately after a bath or shower when your skin is warm and it soaks right in. Try it. And then try to resist taking a bite out of your own arm!

2. Netflix streaming membership
My evenings basically involve editing until my eyes burn and then getting in bed and watching one of these three shows on Netflix (Damages, Scandal and Arrested Development). What would I do without my streaming membership? Each time I finish a series something new is there waiting for me. Instant gratification for $8/month!


3. Haagan-Dazs Caramel Cone Ice Cream
I dare you not to eat the whole pint in one sitting. Nuff said.

1. JFX Farmer’s Market
I’ve been going to the JFX Farmer’s Market for over 10 years. In fact, I remember telling one of the vendors that I got into JMU so that actually puts me at over 15 years! My Mom and I eagerly await opening weekend every year and now Evie is part of our market tradition. We have come to know and love the vendors. Check out Uptown Bakery for some delicious tea cakes, Dangerously Delicious Pies for their savory spinach and goat cheese quiche and the mushroom vendor for her amazing fritters topped with hot sauce and feta. Oh, and Evie highly recommends the strawberries from Agriberry and the hot fresh donuts near the Zeke’s coffee entrance.
2. Breezy Willow CSA
This year I decided to join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) group in an effort to eat more veggies and try new things. Each week Evie and I pick up our goodies at a designated location. We chose Breezy Willow because they include fruit, veggies, bread, eggs and once a month either yogurt, jam or honey. Perhaps the best part is the recipes they send you the night before pick up. Clever!

1. Black Rapid Camera Strap
I was so tired of having a sore neck from a heavy camera! The Black Rapid strap was the perfect solution for me because it shifted the weight of the camera across my body. I like the simple black color and they also have a design made especially for women.

2. ShootSac
I am not sure there is a totally comfortable way to carry some serious lbs of lenses but I think this shootsac is as good as it gets. The shoulder pad is well padded and it makes switching lenses much easier than when I carried everything in a backpack. The added back pockets allow me to store extra batteries, memory cards and lollipops that I use as bribes 🙂

So….that’s it for this week! If you get nothing else from this post, get the Haagan-Dazs ice cream. It makes everything all better!


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