Awaiting Ben: Bump and Beyond

Oh Katie. Glorious Katie with her stunning auburn curly hair and love for accessories. Katie had two maternity sessions so she could include both of her boys and her husband. What sweet boys they were!!! Polite, good listeners and SO OBVIOUSLY crazy about their Mom and their unborn baby brother. I love those sweet images! And shall we talk about the amazing image of Katie and her husband. It’s so romantic, positively swoon worthy.

Ben arrived a few days early which is a good thing because he’s a chunky little thing! Katie and her husband brought him into the studio and they were remarkably relaxed. Is that what happens when you have 3 kids? Guess I’ll never know! I loved Ben’s little lips and how determined he was to keep those fingers curled up near his face. He gave me a run for my money but in the end, we captured him perfectly. I especially love the patriotic images of Ben wrapped in the family flag and his Daddy’s Air Force uniform. To me, those images are strong and tender all at once.

“This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave”. ~Elmer Davis

A special thank you to Jason and all of our military heroes.

May Ben be as brave and capable as his Dad!





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