Week 11: 5 Minute Challenge – Scouting Locations

Every week when I drive Evie to swim lessons I pass this old abandoned house with a big barn. The field is kind of overgrown but in an intriguing way. It’s always been a place I wanted to photograph Evie and last week we finally made time. Now…I must admit…this shoot took longer than 5 minutes. Quite a bit longer. Airplanes fly right above this property and Evie and I had fun watching them. Plus I promised her a Wendy’s frostee for her help so she was motivated to shoot some extra frames. I can’t get over how grown she looks. I’m pretty certain some of these looks will transfer into the teenage years when my mere existence pains her. What a kid. So little and so big all at once.

Hat from Yarning2Bme

Until next time,

P.S. If you look really closely at the sunflare in the final shot, you can almost see a heart over her upper chest area!


4 thoughts on “Week 11: 5 Minute Challenge – Scouting Locations

      • You did a great job editing! It looks natural! I thought maybe a flash but it doesn’t look like a flash photo :o. Clearly: I was perplexed lol. Color casting = not fun. One photographer I follow only wears white for shoots to deter color cast and to add a little more in eye reflections. It’s a cool idea but I haven’t started doing it (yet????) :). I wish I could watch a video tutorial on how you did the editing to get rid of a shadow and keep it looking natural! Any tips? Or is it just one of those where you just mess around until it clicks?

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