Week 12: Five Minute Challenge – Calgon, take me away!

Oh sweet sweet vacation. How I’ve been looking forward to you!

This year our family took a break from our traditional OBX vacation and headed to Deep Creek, MD.   Let me tell you how awesome it was.  0% humidity, 30 degrees cooler than home and TONS to do!  We enjoyed zip cording, white water rafting, tubing, horseback riding and time in the pool.  Evie showed off her new swim skills (shout out to MarTar Swim School) and had no fear when it came to any new adventure, including a roller coaster!

These are some of my favorite shots from the trip.  My dear friend Morgan from Morgan Burks Photography gets credit for the AMAZING edit on the horse photo I took.  She makes, in my humble opinion, the BEST photoshop actions for photographers . Check her out at:


So enjoy the pictures and perhaps if you close your eyes for a bit, you can take a little vacation in your mind 🙂

Until next time,




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