Enough is Enough

Once upon a time, not so long ago, I was a Mom with a dream of an in-home studio that would allow me to work while staying home with Evie.
And so studio construction began and our tragically ugly “Santa Fe room” was transformed into a small but functional studio.
evie claire photography_0068.jpg

evie claire photography_0069.jpg
I filled that empty closet with the very few things I owned.
evie claire photography_0070.jpg
Those props were used for my very first newborn session last December. And I know for sure that the Mother cherishes those simple images I captured.
evie claire photography_0072.jpg

Fast forward 8 months and my little studio is becoming smaller by the day. Closet is stuffed to the gills with a rainbow of blanket colors, tutus, space heaters and spare props. Walls are covered with Rendi frames, scarves/wraps(29), hats and headbands (over 100 at my last count). The backdrop holder my husband built is full to capacity, backdrops rolled 3 deep on pvc pipes. Spare buckets are filled with braided bumps, toddler hats and feather boas. Cabinets are stacked with custom blankets and layering fabrics and bump cloths. Rugs are piled up. Buckets are stacked inside of buckets. All of my samples are displayed.
I don’t even dare address the seasonal prop overflow that has taken over our shed (sleds and firetrucks and tricycles and vintage school desks).

evie claire photography_0071.jpg
evie claire photography_0075.jpg
evie claire photography_0061.jpg
evie claire photography_0062.jpg
evie claire photography_0063.jpg
evie claire photography_0064.jpg
evie claire photography_0065.jpg
evie claire photography_0066.jpg
evie claire photography_0067.jpg
evie claire photography_0073.jpg

And yet, every session I find myself wishing for more. Feeling like I didn’t have the exact shade of blanket or the right tieback.
And my prop shopping begins.
And my credit card bill gets hefty.
And another month passes where I’m in the red.
And I feel…unsatisfied.

Enough friends.

Take a moment to look over your props and ask yourself, are they really what makes you a great photographer? Or are they just icing on the already delicious cake?
evie claire photography_0060.jpg

I sat down and looked at four of my favorite images from recent sessions and guess what? They were the least styled. A simple cream flokati, cream wrap and maybe one acccessory. What made the shot beautiful was the simplicity…and of course, the baby!
evie claire photography_0076

So here’s where I stand on all of this now. No more shopping until I turn a profit this year. No hat is going to make me feel better than being able to pay Evie’s tuition myself. No headband will mean more than being able to afford private swimming lessons for her.
I am enough. My work is enough.
I encourage you to remember that you are enough too!

Until next time,


Back to School 2013: Pre-K Cool

As the new school year quickly approaches, I was once again ready for back to school sessions. Now I’ve seen the uber stylized goodness that comes from Sarah Beth Photography or Reverie and I have nothing but respect for all the work and thought that goes into those sessions. I find it easier to keep it simple, especially considering how little these beautiful subjects are. Gotta work within their 10 minute attention span, ya know?!!!

So first up is Dom, one of Evie’s guy pals. His enthusiasm for pencils cracks me up!!!!!



And then Evie’s little cousin Paige had her turn in the spotlight. I wish I could clone her. Most cooperative toddler I have ever met. Her teachers will absolutely ADORE her!

evie claire photography_0043.jpg
evie claire photography_0044.jpg
evie claire photography_0045.jpg
evie claire photography_0046.jpg
evie claire photography_0048.jpg
evie claire photography_0049.jpg
evie claire photography_0051.jpg
evie claire photography_0047.jpg
evie claire photography_0050.jpg

Had to get some of the girls together. They are like sisters and it makes me so happy to watch them interact!
evie claire photography_0041.jpg
evie claire photography_0042.jpg

And finally, my little lady. She is so proud and ready to go into the three year old classroom. I’m a big kid now Momma, she tells me. Be still my heart. She is indeed.
evie claire photography_0054.jpg
evie claire photography_0053.jpg
evie claire photography_0052.jpg
evie claire photography_0055.jpg

So if you are looking for a back to school shoot that showcases your kid’s personality, shoot me a message through facebook or email at EvieClairePhotography@gmail.com

Never feel like you have to settle for routine school photos!

Country edition: Maternity made chic

Many years ago, I deemed myself a city girl and moved to the heart of Baltimore in Mount Vernon. Who likes the sound of crickets I told my parents? I prefer ambulances at night.
You have no restaurants and no Targets within 20 miles. Who wants that inconvenience I said?
You’re stuck at home when it snows because no one plows your street. How terrible is that?

Fast forward 10+ years and now I long for those quiet nights of crickets chirping. I long to live on a road where you can ride your bike without any cars. I long for an excuse to get snowed in and eat smores cooked in my fireplace.

As usual, my parents were right and I can’t even resent the look of smug satisfaction in their eyes when I tell them so!

So….onto Laurel. She happens to be smart enough to live next to my parents, deep in the country. It was only fitting that we did a portion of her session at a local farm. I have deemed Laurel the goddess of maternity sessions because she looks like Mother Earth all nestled in the willow tree with the most perfect bump and sun flare ever. To say that I am proud of this session would be an understatement. Laurel rocked it and I will be forever grateful that she chose me to capture this time!



Xaiya – Captivating beauty in a very small package.

Xaiya was the second of my 5-7 month old model call babies. I was so excited for her session that I bought the wardrobe myself and seriously, how divine is that cream romper?!!! Styling is one of my favorite parts of a session and I am lucky to live close to an uber amazing consignment shop where I can stock up on the cheap.

From the second Xaiya stepped into my studio, I was blown away by her beauty. She had the most intense chocolate brown eyes. And when she smiled, the whole room lit up brighter than my Alien Bee at max power. I see a big future ahead for Xaiya and when all else fails, I bet those puppy dog eyes will get her exactly what she wants!

Do I love you because you’re beautiful,
Or are you beautiful because I love you?
~Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, Cinderella


Grayson – anything but a baby monster

Grayson’s Momma answered my model call for a 5-7 month old baby. See…I did a bit of backdrop shopping and I may have purchased 6 new backdrops. You all know, my sweet Evie usually volunteers to model for me (HA!). More like I rope her into it with promises of cupcakes or guinea pigs or something else that I later come to regret. So this time I figured I’d give Evie a hall pass and find some new adorable kiddos to showcase.

To say I fell in love with Grayson would be an understatement. He was a DOLL baby and I am so obsessed with the photos of him in the brown hat that I want to order them for the studio!  And seriously, the monster hat???  I.die. (said in my very best Rachel Zoe voice).

If you are interested in either of the hats used, give Karen from Yarning2BMe a shout: