Grayson – anything but a baby monster

Grayson’s Momma answered my model call for a 5-7 month old baby. See…I did a bit of backdrop shopping and I may have purchased 6 new backdrops. You all know, my sweet Evie usually volunteers to model for me (HA!). More like I rope her into it with promises of cupcakes or guinea pigs or something else that I later come to regret. So this time I figured I’d give Evie a hall pass and find some new adorable kiddos to showcase.

To say I fell in love with Grayson would be an understatement. He was a DOLL baby and I am so obsessed with the photos of him in the brown hat that I want to order them for the studio!  And seriously, the monster hat???  I.die. (said in my very best Rachel Zoe voice).

If you are interested in either of the hats used, give Karen from Yarning2BMe a shout:



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