Back to School 2013: Pre-K Cool

As the new school year quickly approaches, I was once again ready for back to school sessions. Now I’ve seen the uber stylized goodness that comes from Sarah Beth Photography or Reverie and I have nothing but respect for all the work and thought that goes into those sessions. I find it easier to keep it simple, especially considering how little these beautiful subjects are. Gotta work within their 10 minute attention span, ya know?!!!

So first up is Dom, one of Evie’s guy pals. His enthusiasm for pencils cracks me up!!!!!



And then Evie’s little cousin Paige had her turn in the spotlight. I wish I could clone her. Most cooperative toddler I have ever met. Her teachers will absolutely ADORE her!

evie claire photography_0043.jpg
evie claire photography_0044.jpg
evie claire photography_0045.jpg
evie claire photography_0046.jpg
evie claire photography_0048.jpg
evie claire photography_0049.jpg
evie claire photography_0051.jpg
evie claire photography_0047.jpg
evie claire photography_0050.jpg

Had to get some of the girls together. They are like sisters and it makes me so happy to watch them interact!
evie claire photography_0041.jpg
evie claire photography_0042.jpg

And finally, my little lady. She is so proud and ready to go into the three year old classroom. I’m a big kid now Momma, she tells me. Be still my heart. She is indeed.
evie claire photography_0054.jpg
evie claire photography_0053.jpg
evie claire photography_0052.jpg
evie claire photography_0055.jpg

So if you are looking for a back to school shoot that showcases your kid’s personality, shoot me a message through facebook or email at

Never feel like you have to settle for routine school photos!


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