Enough is Enough

Once upon a time, not so long ago, I was a Mom with a dream of an in-home studio that would allow me to work while staying home with Evie.
And so studio construction began and our tragically ugly “Santa Fe room” was transformed into a small but functional studio.
evie claire photography_0068.jpg

evie claire photography_0069.jpg
I filled that empty closet with the very few things I owned.
evie claire photography_0070.jpg
Those props were used for my very first newborn session last December. And I know for sure that the Mother cherishes those simple images I captured.
evie claire photography_0072.jpg

Fast forward 8 months and my little studio is becoming smaller by the day. Closet is stuffed to the gills with a rainbow of blanket colors, tutus, space heaters and spare props. Walls are covered with Rendi frames, scarves/wraps(29), hats and headbands (over 100 at my last count). The backdrop holder my husband built is full to capacity, backdrops rolled 3 deep on pvc pipes. Spare buckets are filled with braided bumps, toddler hats and feather boas. Cabinets are stacked with custom blankets and layering fabrics and bump cloths. Rugs are piled up. Buckets are stacked inside of buckets. All of my samples are displayed.
I don’t even dare address the seasonal prop overflow that has taken over our shed (sleds and firetrucks and tricycles and vintage school desks).

evie claire photography_0071.jpg
evie claire photography_0075.jpg
evie claire photography_0061.jpg
evie claire photography_0062.jpg
evie claire photography_0063.jpg
evie claire photography_0064.jpg
evie claire photography_0065.jpg
evie claire photography_0066.jpg
evie claire photography_0067.jpg
evie claire photography_0073.jpg

And yet, every session I find myself wishing for more. Feeling like I didn’t have the exact shade of blanket or the right tieback.
And my prop shopping begins.
And my credit card bill gets hefty.
And another month passes where I’m in the red.
And I feel…unsatisfied.

Enough friends.

Take a moment to look over your props and ask yourself, are they really what makes you a great photographer? Or are they just icing on the already delicious cake?
evie claire photography_0060.jpg

I sat down and looked at four of my favorite images from recent sessions and guess what? They were the least styled. A simple cream flokati, cream wrap and maybe one acccessory. What made the shot beautiful was the simplicity…and of course, the baby!
evie claire photography_0076

So here’s where I stand on all of this now. No more shopping until I turn a profit this year. No hat is going to make me feel better than being able to pay Evie’s tuition myself. No headband will mean more than being able to afford private swimming lessons for her.
I am enough. My work is enough.
I encourage you to remember that you are enough too!

Until next time,


6 thoughts on “Enough is Enough

  1. Great post! I can so relate! As a new photographer, I am constantly on the lookout for more and more props. Like you, though, I am finding that I adore the simple poses with the simple colours that showcase the BABY and not my props. It definitely helps the budget that I’ve taught myself to crochet. Of course, now that I’m busier with sessions – finding the time to edit AND crochet all with 4 children – HA!

    PS. Beautiful images!

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