Awaiting Hudson: Bump and Beyond

Meet Austin. Mother to a lovely little girl named Willow, Austin was due to welcome a little boy this go round. So was so beautiful and I kept thinking she looked like someone famous. While editing, it hit me. Megan Fox. Right??? Dark hair and full lips and a killer smile. I’m only a smidgey jealous 🙂
evie claire photography_0201.jpg
evie claire photography_0202.jpg
evie claire photography_0203.jpg

Hudson was another little one who was good and comfy in utero and not to eager to enter the real world. Austin and I probably checked in with one another more than any other client I’ve ever had. I LOVE when I have clients who keep me posted about their progress. And one morning the text came, “Hey I’m in labor !! I’ll have a baby today!”. Hudson arrived weighing in at just under 9 lbs. You all know I love those little squishy chunky babies so he was a dream to photograph!
evie claire photography_0209.jpg
evie claire photography_0205.jpg
evie claire photography_0204.jpg
evie claire photography_0206.jpg
evie claire photography_0207.jpg
evie claire photography_0208.jpg


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