Leah – BeYOUtiful

Leah and I go way back…back to days before kids when I did things like workout for FUN. Seriously. The girl writing this who has done nothing remotely physical in 3 years used to run half marathons. I blame Evie. Ok, ok. I blame laziness.
So once upon a time Leah was my workout buddy. She has stayed active, even during pregnancy (Go LEAH!) and we’ve maintained a good ole facebook friendship over the years. I was so excited when she chose me to capture this amazing time in her life. I was even more excited when she said she’d be willing to wear her husband’s fire gear.
Leah looked so beautiful and I think I made a true believer out of her. When I say I will make you feel glamorous, at 30+ weeks pregnant, I MEAN IT. Don’t doubt me because I will prove you wrong. You’re gorgeous. 30+ weeks pregnant, dare I say it, you’re the most gorgeous you’ve ever been.




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