Awaiting Meegan: Bump and Beyond

So, you may remember Laurel from my Country Chic Maternity blog post. I’m pretty sure this is my favorite maternity photo. Everything came together perfectly: a beautiful mother to be, sun flare, a little haze and the gentle sway of a weeping willow tree. Can I get a woot woot?? Go ahead, you can say it aloud.
evie claire photography_0435.jpg
So fast forward 2.5 months and Laurel finally found out she was carrying a girl! Meegan Autumn was a fiesty little thing but she also rewarded me with more smiles than any other baby in Evie Claire history (I counted 5 in her final gallery). I love how she rocked the amazing reindeer hat from Unravel Me, looking like the little country girl she is. And that giant beautiful basket…That was made by her great grandfather who was the official basket maker of South Georgia. What an unique and sentimental prop to use!

I can’t even properly explain how much joy it brings me to see my maternity clients in their new role as mothers. Doesn’t Laurel look positively serene? She once again made me feel like I was in the presence of Mother Earth. Pretty darn cool.
evie claire photography_0413.jpg
evie claire photography_0421.jpg
evie claire photography_0425.jpg
evie claire photography_0426.jpgevie claire photography_0417.jpg
evie claire photography_0401.jpg
evie claire photography_0404.jpg


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