Awaiting Cellen: Bump and Beyond

We were back at the garden center, where just a few months before I was capturing her wedding. After an epically awesome childhood friendship, Murissa and I lost touch. It’s been almost surreal for me to be able to witness the amazing direction her life has taken.
Cellen was the little man who completed her family. Despite an hour long drive to get to my studio, he slept like a CHAMP! We did the monster legging set up that Murissa had requested months before (can you tell from her maternity shots that she loves color??!!!) along with a super cute deer set up to pay homage to his Daddy’s love of hunting and outdoor spots.
What will I do with myself now that I’m done with Murissa’s trifecta??? Enjoy the company of a good friend again.

evie claire photography_1380.jpg
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Mitchell and his adventures with the red suitcase

Mitchell.hates.cake. Luckily, after 3 photo shoots he’s warmed up to me! One of my original grow with me babies (see his 3 month shoot here, he finally reached the year milestone and I once again dragged out the red suitcase to get a sense as to how much he’s grown. Mitchell’s Daddy is a comic book aficionado, it only seemed fitting to do a really urban session with a pop art kind of feel. Baltimore’s own graffiti alley was the perfect spot.
evie claire photography_1376.jpg
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Belly Laughs

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at a session.   Shannon and her husband kept me in stitches the whole time.  It all started when I called her Maternity Barbie.  That part wasn’t a joke but it lead to a whole discussion with her husband about always feeling like the less attractive person in a picture.  Poor guy!  Shouldn’t have married such a supermodel 🙂

Little lady arrives in less than 2 months.   I bet she’s every bit as gorgeous as Momma!
evie claire photography_1363.jpg
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Capturing children naturally: Just “leaf” them be

Noah wasn’t having it. Serious faces and too young to appreciate the genius that is my fart app (I’m not kidding about how funny that app is). I could tell his parents were beginning to worry. It was chilly and they wanted to see his beautiful smile in pictures.

Piggybacking on my last post about my new approach to family photography ( , I wanted to share to share my secret to getting Noah to loosen up. First of all, I had him tell me all about his beloved Woody doll. Did it make noise? Did his hat come off? Did he also have Buzz Lightyear? “To infinity and beyond”, I shouted! I even took his picture with Woody and showed it to him. Sometimes I think it goes a long way with kids to show them what you’re doing. Plus, kids love playing with cameras!
evie claire photography_1243
**side note** It never hurts to be up on your Disney trivia before a kids session**

So after we got Noah a little warmed up, we did a round of family photos. Not too many sitting posed ones before we switched to walking photos, swinging photos and fun Mom/Dad shots.
evie claire photography_1244
evie claire photography_1235.jpg
evie claire photography_1236.jpg
evie claire photography_1239.jpg
evie claire photography_1237.jpg
evie claire photography_1238.jpg

And then….when it seemed like maybe he was tapped out…we threw leaves. I just snapped away as he giggled and gazed in wonder at the shower of leaves surrounding him.
evie claire photography_1245
evie claire photography_1241.jpg
Mom and Dad were thrilled (see the joy in their eyes?) and in the end, we left the session on a good note.

evie claire photography_1240.jpg
That’s always a goal of mine. Never shoot until a child is over it. Never let a client get in their car and drive away with a crying child. Because that’s their final impression of a session with you. And for me, I want them to leave talking about how much fun they had and how it didn’t even seem like a photo shoot, but rather a good time as a family.

Going “Postol”: So much more than just apple picking.

What is family time really about? Enjoying the moment, right? Watching your child explore? Making memories together?

So why should a family photo shoot be any different? I am making it my mission this year to cut loose in these family sessions. Let the kids play. Use my fart app (seriously – this app is a GEM!). Break for a dance party. See who runs the fastest.

When the kids have fun, the parents instantly relax and the session doesn’t even feel like work. It feels a little voyeuristic actually. Like I’m getting the opportunity to see these families bond, right in front of my eyes. Pretty darn sweet. Just like those apples.

Special shout out to the Postol family for once again choosing ME to capture their little man. We’re only adding to the massive collection of photos we’ll present when he marries Evie in 20+ years!

evie claire photography_1231.jpg
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Johnny: A little man from another time

After he put on the hat, it was like I was transported to another era. A time when men were gentlemen who opened doors for ladies and never left home without a dapper hat. Where women wore red lipstick and stockings. A time of class. A time of sophistication.
And to think little Johnny, at 7 months, knows nothing of this.
Don’t you love how a photo can take you away?
evie claire photography_1216.jpg
evie claire photography_1223.jpg
evie claire photography_1224.jpg
evie claire photography_1218.jpg
evie claire photography_1219.jpg
evie claire photography_1220.jpg
evie claire photography_1221.jpg

Cake and everything wonderful about life.

It’s all fun and games until someone takes your cake away.
evie claire photography_1213.jpg
Never, in all of my cake sessions, have I had a child enjoy a cake more than Hadley.
evie claire photography_1205.jpg

evie claire photography_1204.jpg
She clearly has good taste. French buttercream, raspberry filling, perfectly moist white cake layers. What’s not to love? So when we started to talk about calling it quits with the cake, she gave me the stink eye.
evie claire photography_1206.jpg

And then, well then, she WAILED.
evie claire photography_1215.jpg

It made for a fun shoot and a full range of emotions, which I always love.
evie claire photography_1214.jpg

Poor dear. Hope her Momma shared the remainder of the cake when she got home. Although if it were me, I would have eaten it as soon as Evie went to bed, with a fork, over the sink. Some things are just too good to be wasted on a child’s palate. :
evie claire photography_1210.jpg
evie claire photography_1212.jpg
evie claire photography_1207.jpg

Gorgeous headbands provided by Sara Grace Accessories