Awaiting Ryan: Bump and Beyond

The best things in life are worth waiting for. Except when the best thing is a baby. And you can’t get pregnant. And you’re tired of waiting while everyone around you seems to get pregnant on the first try. Then the wait seems like torture.

And so begins Leah’s journey. Leah bravely agreed to share her struggles with fertility in an effort to shed light on a topic that she believes people are reluctant to talk about. The reality is that lots of people have challenging pregnancies, miscarriages and infertility issues. And when we don’t share our stories, we feel alone.

Leah waited for Ryan. Waited patiently for the day that the stick would have a + sign. Waited for the day that she could finally call herself a mom. Waited for the maternity shoot she wanted (, the ultimate sign of things to come. And when that day came, boy did she soak it in. Ryan was perfect. A sweet little cherub, 6 lbs 15oz of love, tears and trying. Leah told me sometimes things don’t happen naturally. But there are places to help and plenty of people with similar stories.

Never be afraid to share your story. Who knows who you might help.

And Ryan…he was indeed worth the wait.

evie claire photography_1203.jpg
evie claire photography_1202.jpg
evie claire photography_1204.jpg
evie claire photography_1205.jpg
evie claire photography_1206.jpg
evie claire photography_1207.jpg
evie claire photography_1208.jpg
evie claire photography_1209.jpg

evie claire photography_1211.jpg

evie claire photography_1213.jpg
evie claire photography_1214.jpg


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