Cake and everything wonderful about life.

It’s all fun and games until someone takes your cake away.
evie claire photography_1213.jpg
Never, in all of my cake sessions, have I had a child enjoy a cake more than Hadley.
evie claire photography_1205.jpg

evie claire photography_1204.jpg
She clearly has good taste. French buttercream, raspberry filling, perfectly moist white cake layers. What’s not to love? So when we started to talk about calling it quits with the cake, she gave me the stink eye.
evie claire photography_1206.jpg

And then, well then, she WAILED.
evie claire photography_1215.jpg

It made for a fun shoot and a full range of emotions, which I always love.
evie claire photography_1214.jpg

Poor dear. Hope her Momma shared the remainder of the cake when she got home. Although if it were me, I would have eaten it as soon as Evie went to bed, with a fork, over the sink. Some things are just too good to be wasted on a child’s palate. :
evie claire photography_1210.jpg
evie claire photography_1212.jpg
evie claire photography_1207.jpg

Gorgeous headbands provided by Sara Grace Accessories


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