Going “Postol”: So much more than just apple picking.

What is family time really about? Enjoying the moment, right? Watching your child explore? Making memories together?

So why should a family photo shoot be any different? I am making it my mission this year to cut loose in these family sessions. Let the kids play. Use my fart app (seriously – this app is a GEM!). Break for a dance party. See who runs the fastest.

When the kids have fun, the parents instantly relax and the session doesn’t even feel like work. It feels a little voyeuristic actually. Like I’m getting the opportunity to see these families bond, right in front of my eyes. Pretty darn sweet. Just like those apples.

Special shout out to the Postol family for once again choosing ME to capture their little man. We’re only adding to the massive collection of photos we’ll present when he marries Evie in 20+ years!

evie claire photography_1231.jpg
evie claire photography_1232.jpg
evie claire photography_1233.jpg
evie claire photography_1226.jpg
evie claire photography_1227.jpg
evie claire photography_1229.jpg
evie claire photography_1228.jpg
evie claire photography_1230.jpg
evie claire photography_1225.jpg


2 thoughts on “Going “Postol”: So much more than just apple picking.

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