Capturing children naturally: Just “leaf” them be

Noah wasn’t having it. Serious faces and too young to appreciate the genius that is my fart app (I’m not kidding about how funny that app is). I could tell his parents were beginning to worry. It was chilly and they wanted to see his beautiful smile in pictures.

Piggybacking on my last post about my new approach to family photography ( , I wanted to share to share my secret to getting Noah to loosen up. First of all, I had him tell me all about his beloved Woody doll. Did it make noise? Did his hat come off? Did he also have Buzz Lightyear? “To infinity and beyond”, I shouted! I even took his picture with Woody and showed it to him. Sometimes I think it goes a long way with kids to show them what you’re doing. Plus, kids love playing with cameras!
evie claire photography_1243
**side note** It never hurts to be up on your Disney trivia before a kids session**

So after we got Noah a little warmed up, we did a round of family photos. Not too many sitting posed ones before we switched to walking photos, swinging photos and fun Mom/Dad shots.
evie claire photography_1244
evie claire photography_1235.jpg
evie claire photography_1236.jpg
evie claire photography_1239.jpg
evie claire photography_1237.jpg
evie claire photography_1238.jpg

And then….when it seemed like maybe he was tapped out…we threw leaves. I just snapped away as he giggled and gazed in wonder at the shower of leaves surrounding him.
evie claire photography_1245
evie claire photography_1241.jpg
Mom and Dad were thrilled (see the joy in their eyes?) and in the end, we left the session on a good note.

evie claire photography_1240.jpg
That’s always a goal of mine. Never shoot until a child is over it. Never let a client get in their car and drive away with a crying child. Because that’s their final impression of a session with you. And for me, I want them to leave talking about how much fun they had and how it didn’t even seem like a photo shoot, but rather a good time as a family.


8 thoughts on “Capturing children naturally: Just “leaf” them be

  1. Looks like this was a fun session for the little guy, they may have a hard time keeping him out of the leaves, he is super adorable

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