Awaiting Cellen: Bump and Beyond

We were back at the garden center, where just a few months before I was capturing her wedding. After an epically awesome childhood friendship, Murissa and I lost touch. It’s been almost surreal for me to be able to witness the amazing direction her life has taken.
Cellen was the little man who completed her family. Despite an hour long drive to get to my studio, he slept like a CHAMP! We did the monster legging set up that Murissa had requested months before (can you tell from her maternity shots that she loves color??!!!) along with a super cute deer set up to pay homage to his Daddy’s love of hunting and outdoor spots.
What will I do with myself now that I’m done with Murissa’s trifecta??? Enjoy the company of a good friend again.

evie claire photography_1380.jpg
evie claire photography_1381.jpg
evie claire photography_1387.jpg
evie claire photography_1386.jpg
evie claire photography_1388.jpg
evie claire photography_1382.jpg
evie claire photography_1383.jpg


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