Awaiting Basil: Bump and Beyond

Instantly connected. That’s how I felt when I met Tia and Bruce. Like I wanted to crash their post-shoot dinner date because they were so much fun to be around. Tia was all baby and her simple shots were some of my all time favorites. And check out her dynamite smile. Apparently I say “just a smidgy” over and over again when shooting. Bruce thought it was borderline insane!
evie claire photography_1937.jpg
evie claire photography_1944.jpg
evie claire photography_1938.jpg

My intuition told me Tia was carrying a boy and well…I was correct! Basil arrived with a head of dark hair and the sweetest, most relaxed demeanor. He was a model newborn, game for any pose including Daddy’s idea to have him hold a Christmas ornament. I like to think he was a pretty terrific early Christmas gift!
evie claire photography_1939.jpg
evie claire photography_1940.jpg
evie claire photography_1942.jpg
evie claire photography_1941.jpg
evie claire photography_1943.jpg


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