Carlie & Vince: Bringing the heat to a cold winter day

A year ago, I photographed Carlie and Vince’s 1 year anniversary at a tree farm. These two were total naturals in front of the camera and their pictures were so romantic!
evie claire photography_1933.jpg
This year, we decided to choose a Baltimore landmark, the Visionary Art Museum, as our location. They said every year they want to go somewhere different and Carlie even has a date and location picked for November 2014 (gotta love planners!).
My $5 investment in fingerless gloves saved me on our shoot date; It was absolutely freezing cold. Take a look at these pictures and tell me if Carlie and Vince look cold. Nope…their love is keeping them nice and toasty. Cheers to 2 years as husband and wife. Way to keep the flame burning!!!
evie claire photography_1928.jpg
evie claire photography_1927.jpg
evie claire photography_1929.jpg
evie claire photography_1932.jpg
evie claire photography_1930.jpg
evie claire photography_1931.jpg


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