MJ: One but not done

MJ: The face that launched 1000 ships. Or in my case, the face that launched my career. She was my very first newborn client and you may remember reading about her newborn session here:
and her 5 month session here:
For her one year session, we were able to reuse the same tieback (from Sew Whimsey) and I love seeing how different it looks now that she’s a toddler!
evie claire photography_1951.jpg
evie claire photography_1952.jpg
We dared to interrupt her nap for this session and at first…she was MIFFED.
evie claire photography_1955.jpg
But then we brought out this fabulous red velvet cake with cream cheese icing and all was forgiven.
evie claire photography_1954.jpg
When is it this adorable to shove cake in your face? For all you people who do this at your wedding, I promise you it’s only precious when you’re a toddler.
evie claire photography_1953.jpg

Until next time MJ. Until next time.


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