Zara: Growing Up Girl 6 Month Edition Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer

Surely you remember Zara. The beautiful baby I captured as a newborn and again for her three month session here ( A girl with the most captivating deep brown eyes and a gorgeous head of hair. I’m not going to lie…I could totally steal her for the day. She’s a sweetie to boot!

evie claire photography_2002.jpg

So today she was back for her 6 month session. Actually she’s a little closer to 7 months but still not crawling; The perrrrrrrfect age to photograph! We recreated her newborn session using a beautiful headband from Liesl and Me. And then the fashion show began. A knit set from A Piece of the Plan, a lace romper with the perfect most feminine blue tieback from Mr. & Mrs. and Co., a lace peter pan collar from My Darling Emma.

Looking for new vendors to follow or perfect places to score girly accessories? Here’s the link to all their shops.
Liesl and Me

A Piece of the Plan

Mr. & Mrs. and Co.

My Darling Emma

Until next time Zara! Can’t wait to see what you’re up to at 9 months!

evie claire photography_1995.jpg
evie claire photography_1996.jpg
evie claire photography_1997.jpg
evie claire photography_1998.jpg
evie claire photography_1999.jpg
evie claire photography_2000.jpg
evie claire photography_2001.jpg


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