How to choose a Newborn Photographer: Assistant Edition Baltimore, MD

Meet Laura: my friend, my former client, my right hand, my assistant. She’s a mother to three beautiful children (5,3 and 1) and the absolute perfect choice for my business!
evie claire photography_2065.jpg
One thing to consider when choosing the right newborn photographer for you is if they use an assistant. Is it a necessity, perhaps not. It’s more of a luxury for me, but truthfully it’s a luxury for the client. See having Laura ensures that Mom, 5 days out from the birth of her child, isn’t crouching next to me spotting the baby. It ensures that Dad, who is probably very sleep deprived, isn’t cleaning baby poop off my blanket or grabbing me an extra headband. It allows parents to simply WATCH. Watch their beautiful baby. Watch the tender care and patience that we exhibit to get these little beings artfully posed.
Another thing to consider is safety. When you bring your baby into my studio, we are hands on. Meaning any time I walk away to grab a different lens or a sip of water, Laura’s hands are on your baby. And any time I have a prop shot where the baby is off the ground, Laura’s hands are on your baby. I joke that I remove her bright colored socks from half my shots! Sometimes this requires creative editing (see examples below) but I am simply unwilling to sacrifice the safety of your newborn for the shot.
evie claire photography_2066-1

evie claire photography_2067

So think of an assistant as your morning coffee. I wouldn’t want to live without mine (coffee or Laura)!


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