Awaiting a big surprise! Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer


I am willing to bet that about 35 seconds after her little one arrives, Megan won’t even look pregnant. She truly was all baby and with her striking blue eyes and warm smile, she made my job ever so easy.
I can’t wait to meet her little one. Boy or girl, they are sure to be a stunner!
evie claire photography_2159.jpg
evie claire photography_2161.jpg
evie claire photography_2158.jpg
evie claire photography_2160.jpg
evie claire photography_2157.jpg


Welcome Baby Avery! Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer


Oh Avery! Today you, in your petite 6lb 14 oz packaged, restored my faith in everything that is good in the world. We posed you to our hearts content while you slept like an angel sent straight from newborn photographer heaven. And should we address your perfect hand placement, all on your own? I do declare a hand model in the making!

When Avery’s Momma told me her nursery theme was vintage glam, Laura and I took that as a green light for over the top girly styling. From leggings to headbands to her Momma’s wedding pearls, Avery looked positively ladylike in every set up.

You think these are sweet??? I can’t even begin to address all the other set ups I haven’t shared!
evie claire photography_2153.jpg
evie claire photography_2154.jpg
evie claire photography_2155.jpg
evie claire photography_2150.jpg
evie claire photography_2151.jpg
evie claire photography_2156.jpg

Grow with Me Babies: Emmalyn Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer

I always says there’s only so much you can do with a three month session. These little incredible beings aren’t quite sitting yet, and they’re not sleepy newborns either. But don’t discount this age because what they are, is beautiful. Take Emmalyn for example. Her slate blue eyes and sweet gummy smile totally captivated me. And check out the determination in her little face while she practices lifting her head during tummy time.

So remember, just because a baby hasn’t reached a six month milestone with it’s trademark “sitting up” photos, doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful memory of this equally precious time.
evie claire photography_2154.jpg
evie claire photography_2155.jpg
evie claire photography_2153.jpg
evie claire photography_2150.jpg
evie claire photography_2151.jpg
evie claire photography_2152.jpg

Grow with Me: Delaney Edition Baltimore, MD Photographer

growing up gal copy
Tell me this wasn’t yesterday. Just yesterday that Delaney and her Vera Bradley loving Momma graced my studio, inspiring me to use this fun quilted blanket for a newborn session.
How is it that 6 months has passed? Check out Delaney and her sparkling blue eyes and her peaches and cream complexion. She’s positively stunning!
evie claire photography_2145.jpg
Per her Daddy’s request, we incorporated these football leggings but we glammed them up. In my eyes, there’s nothing cuter than chunky baby legs. Too bad chunky adult thighs don’t have the same effect. I’m a little jealous!
evie claire photography_2147.jpg
evie claire photography_2146.jpg
evie claire photography_2149.jpg

So until next time Delaney! Can’t wait to see your new walking skills at your next session. ❤

It’s Baby Noah! Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer


It’s not often we have a little blonde haired baby in the studio. Meet Noah, a little man with a determined mind. At the tender age of 9 days, he knew precisely how he wanted to be posed and loved nothing more than to be swaddled snugly. Well, maybe there was one thing he loved more…snuggles from his beautiful Momma!

evie claire photography_2138.jpg
evie claire photography_2139.jpg
evie claire photography_2134.jpg
evie claire photography_2135.jpg
evie claire photography_2140.jpg
evie claire photography_2137.jpg

Grow with Me Baby: Baltimore, MD Photographer

Today little miss Lucy Claire (you know I LOVE her name) had her first real photo session. Such is the life of a fourth child! At almost 9 months she was a girl on the go, scooting around the studio on her belly and practicing her best Marilyn Monroe pose in her fancy dress. She had the biggest captivating eyes and such a laid back personality. I guess that’s another benefit of being the youngest. Parents are inevitably more chill and you are as well. She totally rolled with 4 outfit changes like a champ!
I can’t wait to see this little lady again for her cake smash! I have a feeling she’s going to go all out!

lucy5 copy
evie claire photography_2127.jpg
evie claire photography_2128.jpg
evie claire photography_2129.jpg
evie claire photography_2130.jpg

Chic in the Snow: Baltimore, MD Photographer

I can not lie. I was fretting about this session. The weather was dreary, the sun was hiding and it was so, so very cold. Kendra and her family were on their way when all of the sudden, it started snowing. A tiny miracle to make an otherwise drab outdoor session positively fabulous. And then I met Kendra who totally took it over the top with her fresh and bold styling. She’s one of those lucky glowing pregnant women!
evie claire photography_2119.jpg
evie claire photography_2122.jpg
evie claire photography_2120.jpg
evie claire photography_2121.jpg
evie claire photography_2126.jpg
After we concluded the outdoor portion of the session, we headed back to the studio for my ethereal dream lighting and my classic all black set up. Both of these shots put all the emphasis on the bump, the amazing bump where your new little one grows bigger by the day! Oh how I love these!!!!!
evie claire photography_2123.jpg
evie claire photography_2124.jpg
And little sister had her own mini session. Tell me she isn’t positively adorable! She’s going to make a wonderful big sister in a few weeks.
evie claire photography_2125.jpg

So Kendra, until next time!