Saving The World One Cute Baby At A Time: Baltimore, Md Photographer

This shoot has been about 11 1/2 months in the making. Maxwell’s Momma and I would go back and forth making grand plans only to have something delay our session date. But today, oh today, he finally came to the studio. I’ve been just dying to capture those baby blues and chubby cheeks!

We started the session with a little superhero set up. Because surely the world is a better place under his watchful eye!
evie claire photography_2111.jpg
evie claire photography_2107.jpg
Then we did a classic set up and he showed up his crawling skills since he’s not quite walking yet. Honestly, I do a secret little cheer when these one year olds aren’t walking because they’re SOOO much easier to photograph when they can’t run away!
evie claire photography_2108.jpg
evie claire photography_2109.jpg

evie claire photography_2115.jpg
Then some big toothy grins while Daddy tickled his belly.
evie claire photography_2110.jpg
And finally…CAKE! His reaction was absolutely priceless. He sniffed his hands, got all shocked and then flicked icing all other the studio while excitedly waving his hands. He didn’t know what to make of the experience and scarfed down his spinach pouch immediately afterwards. Oh to be one and naive to the fact that cake does indeed trump spinach!
evie claire photography_2116
evie claire photography_2113

evie claire photography_2114

evie claire photography_2117


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