Chic in the Snow: Baltimore, MD Photographer

I can not lie. I was fretting about this session. The weather was dreary, the sun was hiding and it was so, so very cold. Kendra and her family were on their way when all of the sudden, it started snowing. A tiny miracle to make an otherwise drab outdoor session positively fabulous. And then I met Kendra who totally took it over the top with her fresh and bold styling. She’s one of those lucky glowing pregnant women!
evie claire photography_2119.jpg
evie claire photography_2122.jpg
evie claire photography_2120.jpg
evie claire photography_2121.jpg
evie claire photography_2126.jpg
After we concluded the outdoor portion of the session, we headed back to the studio for my ethereal dream lighting and my classic all black set up. Both of these shots put all the emphasis on the bump, the amazing bump where your new little one grows bigger by the day! Oh how I love these!!!!!
evie claire photography_2123.jpg
evie claire photography_2124.jpg
And little sister had her own mini session. Tell me she isn’t positively adorable! She’s going to make a wonderful big sister in a few weeks.
evie claire photography_2125.jpg

So Kendra, until next time!


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