Welcome Baby Claire: Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer


Who says third babies are the forgotten ones? They get photo shoots too! They get their moment in the spotlight! And boy did we enjoy capturing Claire’s moment in the spotlight. It’s a good thing Laura was on vacation because I think she would have spontaneously willed herself pregnant after this one! So mild mannered and can we chat about the ginger hair? It’s what I’ve been waiting 14 months for!!!! A beautiful red haired little girl, who could perfectly accompany all my new spring mint goodies.

If these don’t cure the winter chill, I don’t know what can!
evie claire photography_2312.jpg
evie claire photography_2310.jpg
evie claire photography_2314.jpg
evie claire photography_2311.jpg
evie claire photography_2313.jpg


Making My Happy Place, YOUR Happy Place: Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer

Can you ever be “too blessed”? As I look at my schedule for April, May and beyond, I think my answer is yes.

In December of 2012, with encouragement and unlimited support from my hubby, I launched my studio. And business has been good, GREAT even.

evie claire photography_2089

I don’t know many people who LOVE their job like I do.

It truly means everything to me especially because these families I photograph are more than just clients, they are friends.


They’ve included me in the lives to share in their joy and their everyday struggles. We have real honest conversations about kids and marriage and health. And to me, that really means something. I don’t just take pictures of your kids. I capture this time for YOU to treasure and for YOU to remember.


Being able to do what I love while building new friendships, is exactly why I feel so blessed day after day! Does it really get much better than that?

It’s your friendship and support that makes the following announcement easier…

Those of you who really know me know that I’ve been having an especially hard time with Evie turning 4. I think it’s the realization that I really only have one more year with her before she’s off to school. Those 365 days, I need to make them count.
evie claire photography_2309

So in an effort to take advantage of every moment Evie and I have together and to make 2014 the most memorable year ever,effective immediately,

I will no longer accept weekend bookings except for the following dates (5 spaces max each day, no newborns):

April: Booked

May: Booked

June: 1 spot on 6/7 11a.m.

July 12th

August 9th

September 27th

October 12th

November 15th

December 27th


As a parent yourself, I know you understand exactly where I’m coming from and I can’t thank you enough for your support! Message me if you’d love to set up a playdate or a weekday session!!  Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are my dedicated studio days and I will continue to book these dates for newborns, maternity and grow with me sessions!

In other changes, I am going to ALL DIGITAL COLLECTIONS!

Yes, prints and canvases can still be purchased in addition to digital packages, don’t worry! But you asked for it and I get it. Who doesn’t love instant gratification right? I wanna make your wishes come true too!

This only applies to new inquiries so if you have a session on the books I’m still honoring my previous collections.


Here’s to instant gratification, new friendships, old friendships, and a memorable year for all, including my precious girl Evie!!


Grow With Me: Charleigh Edition Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer

growing up gal copy

“She’s sleeping through the night” Shannon told me.

Ahhhh….sweet slumber. The first milestone that matters. Am I right?

Charleigh, the little girl famous for her Raven’s helmet newborn shot (see the blog post here!), returned for her 3 month session. Girlfriend is no longer a string bean. She has positively edible thigh rolls and arm rolls and she’s the spitting image of her doting Daddy.

I’m willing to bet the milestone he’s looking forward to is her first Orioles game?

Am I right Artie?

evie claire photography_2304.jpg
evie claire photography_2303.jpg
evie claire photography_2305.jpg
evie claire photography_2306.jpg
evie claire photography_2307.jpg

Grow With Me Some More: Ben Edition Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer

growing up galguy copy

Meet Ben. Or perhaps I should say, remember Ben? At 7 sessions, he’s my most photographed client ever. A true Bump and Beyond Evie Claire kid.

Today we celebrated 9 months and he’s changed so much in the last 2 months. This boy is ON THE GO now. He gave us a run for our money (and a workout) but rewarded us with his signature smile and those gorgeous eyelashes again. What is up with these boys lately giving me lash envy?!!

And shall we chat about my 3 new boy backdrops? I mean really?!!! In my best Rachel Zoe voice, “I die”. Ben was the perfect model and I think Evie enjoyed a night off!

evie claire photography_2295.jpg
evie claire photography_2301.jpg
evie claire photography_2300.jpg
evie claire photography_2299.jpg
evie claire photography_2298.jpg
evie claire photography_2302.jpg

Grow With Me: Aiden Edition Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer

growing up galguy copy

He’s my little old man Mom told me. Belongs in another era. The seersucker cap and suspenders sealed the deal. Aiden was a throwback from a time when men were men and women were women.

evie claire photography_2288.jpg
And then he put on some camo and sealed the deal as the cutest little explorer ever. Safari themed cake smash? Yes please! For a minute there we thought he was going to stick his whole face in the cake (when will this happen?!!!) but he pulled back, channeled that inner old man, and proceeded with dignity.
evie claire photography_2291.jpg
evie claire photography_2289.jpg
evie claire photography_2290.jpg
evie claire photography_2292.jpg

“Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.” ~Chili Davis

Grow With Me Session: Luka Edition Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer

growing up galguy copy

1 year ago, Kim and Vit came into my studio with their precious baby boy. Kim later told me that she was so nervous taking her little man out into the world for his first excusion. Never would have know it. She and Vit relaxed and watched the session and Luka became one of my famous OBGYN models, proudly displayed in the Hoffman OBGYN offices in Baltimore, Catonsville and Dundalk.

3 sessions later, Luka is no longer a baby. He’s a little boy with a head full of soft curls, eyelashes that girls everywhere will envy and a smile that could cure even the saddest day.

It’s hard that first year.

These little ones are exhausting and just when you think you have them figured out, they change. But all the moments, hard, beautiful and in-between are fleeting. And our babies become little boys, and little men and grown ups. When I look at these photos of Luka, I see glimpses into the future and it’s as wide open and bright as his eyes.

evie claire photography_2286.jpg
evie claire photography_2279.jpg
evie claire photography_2280.jpg
evie claire photography_2285.jpg

Cake smash sessions are about celebrating the cumulation of that first year and Luka was ready to throw down.

His animated expressions were very “Seussesque” if I do say so myself!
evie claire photography_2278.jpg
evie claire photography_2281.jpg
evie claire photography_2282.jpg
evie claire photography_2284.jpg
evie claire photography_2283.jpg

“Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So. . . get on your way.” Dr. Seuss

Maternity Made Chic: Crystal Edition Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer


Crystal walked into my studio dressed to the nines and I wanted to applaud her amazing effort and crazy good styling. Funny she said. Someone recently stopped her on the street and commented on how impressed they were that she put so much effort into getting dressed up, at THIRTY NINE WEEKS, no less. I became slightly ashamed of my session wardrobe choice (tank top, leggins, running socks) but that’s another story.

evie claire photography_2272.jpg

There is nothing more essentially feminine as being pregnant and Crystal literally looked angelic. A beautiful glow, flawless skin and a radiant head of hair that she said is one of her favorite pregnancy bonuses! I can’t wait to meet her little one in early April and to get her in front of the camera holding the little beauty she’s been carrying. To me, there is nothing more rewarding about this job than seeing a new mother look at her baby with eyes full of love and adoration.

“No language can express the power, and beauty, and heroism, and majesty of a mother’s love. It shrinks not where man cowers, and grows stronger where man faints, and over wastes of worldly fortunes sends the radiance of its quenchless fidelity like a star.” ~Edwin Hubbell Chapin
evie claire photography_2273.jpg
evie claire photography_2277.jpg
evie claire photography_2276.jpg
evie claire photography_2274.jpg
evie claire photography_2275.jpg