Awaiting Spring: Maternity Session Baltimore, MD Photographer


Meet Mindi. The latest in a string of DROP DEAD GORGEOUS Moms to grace my studio. And this isn’t even her first baby. It’s her second pregnancy and third little girl. I spy a Daddy with a bathroom shortage in 12+ years!
evie claire photography_2189.jpg
evie claire photography_2190.jpg
evie claire photography_2191
Family shot with 16 month old twin toddlers? No sweat. Just make my signature piggy noise to get their attention and we’re golden.
evie claire photography_2185.jpg
And these gorgeous girls needed their own moment in the spotlight too. I can’t wait to see how they react to their new sister in 2 months!
evie claire photography_2184.jpg
evie claire photography_2187.jpg
And Daddy. Well not only did he wear a pink gingham shirt, but he had a tea party with his girls, sang silly songs and made life-like bird noises. Mindi, he’s a keeper for sure. Check out how smitten he is with his beautiful wife!
evie claire photography_2186.jpg
evie claire photography_2188.jpg

Counting down the days until this little lady enters this big world! Until then.


2 thoughts on “Awaiting Spring: Maternity Session Baltimore, MD Photographer

  1. Beautiful Family! Old friends with Matt’s Mom & Dad from College. We wish Mindy and Matt a wonderful experience and a healthy new “Nader”!

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